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Hair Falling Out Post-Partum

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Anyone else's hair falling out like crazy? I'm 3.5 months pp and am just pulling out gobs of it!!!!
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Nobody told you that would happen? Me either! All the books and stuff like to tell you how thick and lush your hair will get while pg, they don't tell you it will fall out after the baby is born!

Post-partum is about as unglamorous as it gets. Fortunately everyone is only looking at the baby.
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I think I stopped pulling out fistfuls of hair when dd was around 9 months (she was still almost exclusively bf, btw). I joke that she and I have the same haircut now ... I have little wisps of hair growing back in by my ears -- and so does she!
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hahahaha! mine kept doing it! even through my son's pregnancy! i was always a shedder, but know i'm like a long-haired cat or something!
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It's horrible! Just try washing your hair, and all you get is fingers full of hair...
It is normal and it starts about 4 months Post Partum.. and it last about 2-3 months! Hopefully you'll still have some left..
I feel your pain!!
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Yep, just talking about it on the March thread. Mine is coming out like crazy. Clogged up the tub. Made DH fix it. He wasn't thrilled.
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Hahah! That is so funny - I was just thinking how great it was that I am finally losing some hair! I'm just past 4 months pp and finally my hair has started to fall out. I swear I lost no hair while I was pregnant and none until now. My hair was great when I was pregnant, the curl was good, it behaved. In the first few weeks pp I lived in a pony tail. I've hated my hair since then. I've always had a love/HATE relationship with my hair and it really stinks now - it refuses to behave, and theres just so much of it. I just hope that enough falls out that I can blow it dry, even just the bangs without wasting time that I just dont have - so that I can look a bit human when I go out in public!

I never even thought about it *reallllly* thinning out!! yikes! I might have a pretty chilly winter!
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My hair was falling out like crazy until I started on thyroid medicine a little over a month ago. I had been pulling clump affter clump after clump of hair. It was nasty.
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My just started. DS is 3 1/2 months.

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Mine just stopped finally, dd is 6 mos. Last babe tho, so fall out no more! thank goddess
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mine too!
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Mine finally stopped falling out when baby hit 11 - 12 months. Sigh. It fell out for a much shorter time after my first. Right now my shoulder length hair is up in a pny tail and if you look all around the hair line is 1-2 inch short hairs. Looks very weird.
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My hair fell out at 3 - 5 months ppd. Now e is 9 months and my hair is back to normal!!!
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Oh I feel your pain. Mine started falling out about a week ago, DD is 4 months. Poor baby is covered with hair when she is nursing. And the tub is always clogged after a shower.
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I am so glad I saw this thread, I was starting to think something was wrong with me. When I rinse my hair in the shower I get CLUMPS of hair. It looks like I bathed a long haired dog in there, because instead of letting it go down the drain I stick it to wall, and well, I haven't had time to go and collect it all.
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Just wanted to note that I found out after the birth of my dd that it's really common for women to become hypothyridic after delivery and one main symptom of that is hair loss, too, which can also mask symptoms of PPD and also make it hard to lose weight. So, if the hairloss continues, it's well worth it to get your TSH/T-4 levels checked and see if your thyroid is working as it should. Am very happy I did!
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I lost at least 40-50% of all my hair at about 4 months PP with DS1. I am really dreading the same thing with this one......
I think the hormons of pregnancy makes you not lose any (much) hair during pregnancy and at about 3-5 months PP it's finally catching up so it falls out all at once, or in very short period of time. It's pretty freaky.....

I am taking a homeopathic remedy to support my thyroid this time around so hopefully it will make a difference in the amount of hair I am going to loose.
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dd is almost 8 mos old and the major shedding is finally over! did anyone lose curl in their hair during pregnancy and after? if so did your curl come back? i had majorly curly hair and i miss it!
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i started shedding at 4 months pp and it lasted about 2 months. now i'm not losing clumps anymore, and i do have the short little hairs around my hairline.

i did chop all of my hair at around 5 months pp. i was pretty tired of the ponytail look so i cut it a little shorter than shoulder length. love it! so much easier to deal with.

mama...it'll stop falling out soon.
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OMG - i thought i was going to go bald. At about 6-7 months the hair stopped falling out. Yours will stop too.
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