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Originally Posted by *Amy* View Post
I'm happy to say she will know disengage from the breast when she's finished nursing, and then I hold her for a few moments before putting her down either in bed or in the pack and play.

* Paying attention to when she's done actively nursing, and asking, "Are you finished?" If she is, she will unlatch and rest her head on my chest rather than on my breast.
Was it PPO that helped with that first part? Or did you adopt another technique?? I'd love to hear!!! Also, I canNOT seem to put effort into staying awake at night to tell when DD is finished nursing. So I'm assuming getting up with her, like you do, would be the best answer to that?
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I'm not Amy, but the PPO wasn't decreasing our night nursings. DD would just get mad and wake up fully. The getting up to nurse encouraged her to have a full feeding instead of flutter nursing all night, so it decreased the # of times she's been waking overall. And with a full tummy she is more likely to easily give up the boob and then I rock her back to sleep.
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1babysmom, the PPO never worked for us; like emgremore, it just made her mad and she would wake up almost every time. It just sort of evolved with us because DD would sometimes unlatch herself and roll over when she was ready to. I just started saying, "are you finished?" when she would do it on her own, and then also started asking her that when it seemed like she wasn't actively nursing, and then do a modified PPO, where I would sort of shrug my whole upper arm up so that her head was shifted from my breast to my chest. She seemed OK with that, most times. It has now gotten to the point that whe will either unlatch herself and shift her head up on her own or with the cue words "are you finished?" Sometimes though, she will still want to latch back on, so I just let her do that for another minute or two, and then she's usually ready to let go.

The reason I started getting up out of bed was just to break the bed = nursing association. I have noticed a *big* difference since I have done this; she will now go to sleep at bedtime very easily without nursing in bed. (Which, I am sure you can understand, is a HUGE accomplishment.) We're still working on decreasing the night wakings, but I think that has as much to do with the fact that she's about to turn 1 and she's still not eating solids as anything else. She also nurses in very short spurts during the day, so I know that she's getting at least 50% of her caloric intake at night. There's not a whole lot more i can do though, other than stick a feeding tube down her throat during the daytime!

We kind of stopped worrying so much about the bedtime routine; it didn't seem to make much of a difference to her but then we never had a problem getting her to go to sleep without one. She's usually zonked out by 8:00 whether we do the routine or not.

It's interesting what works for some kids but not others!
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I hadn't thought of breaking the bed=nursing association. I wonder if that would help with our night wakings. It sounds like a lot of work though (getting out of bed 4-8 times a night), so I'll keep that idea on the back burner.

We just got a little stereo for the bedroom, so we are going to start using music at night to see if that helps.
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So Amy, about how long did it take before getting up in the night started making a difference? It's going to take a lot to motivate me to wake up in the night (I always think I will but when it comes down to it I can't get myself to), but if I know it *might* make a difference right away, that might help.
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It made a difference right away, especially as far as getting her to sleep at bedtime without nursing. It's also helped *a lot* in terms of getting her to go back to sleep in bed during the non-nursing wake ups. I'm not sure if I was clear about it before (posting with a sick baby, at the in-laws house!) but if she wakes up less than 3 hours from her last nursing, I don't get out of bed at all; I just tell her that it's not time for milk and it's time for sleeping, we'll have milk later, etc. Since she is a year old (or will be on Sunday!!) she can understand me saying those types of things. It doesn't mean she likes it, but she understands it! But since I don't nurse her in bed anymore, she will usually settle back down and go to sleep within 5 minutes or so of waking. Now, if she wakes up later than 3 hours since the last nursing, I *do* get out of bed and nurse her in her rocker. She nurses vigorously for a few minutes, then relaxes, then pops her head off and relaxes on my chest and then I put us both back in bed before she falls asleep again so that she has to get back to sleep in bed without the boob. Make sense? So I'm really only getting up maybe 3 times per night, which is the same as having a newborn. And sometimes I do a diaper change around 2:00am or so, which I think also helps her sleep better til morning.

This week has been a mess though; we're not home, she's been really sick, so all bets are off. I'm really curious to see how things will be when we get back home with a healthy baby.

Keep me updated on how y'all do!
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Awesome! Thanks so much Amy! I think I'll start trying that tonight. Like I said a few posts ago, I'm pretty content with our sleep routine (whatever it might be), so I stopped bothering with the NCSS. But what frustrates me is DD's inability to fall back to sleep on her own, and it'll be better for all 3 of us if she can learn to do so.
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oh man, I tried it, but I have no idea how this is going to work (I liked how it did, but I have no idea how I'm going to do it!). I got up with her the first 2 times, but nursed her in bed the last 2. I have so much trouble waking up in the night!
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I know, it is hard!!! I have a hard time remembering if it's been 3 hours since she nursed, etc. I am going to stick with it though because I figure even a month of this will pay off, and it's better than another YEAR of waking every 1-2 hours!!

Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
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New to NCSS

I'm joining in on the NCSS! I'm reading through now and seeing what we want to try and what we don't. After the New Year, we're going to be back on a routine we started a few months ago and develop a better night time routine. DH is all for it I did a sleep log for three days. I didn't bother at night becase I KNOW he is waking every hour to nurse and I dont feel like losing any more sleep to document what I already know. I did notice his naptimes weren't as long as I thought they were. I hope it helps him.
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