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OMG amyjeans, 11 lb and no tearing! You just made my day by saying that. I guess its true that our tissues change as the pregnancy progresses. My intentions, these may change during labor, is not to push during any of the crowning and let my body work the baby out. I'm wanting to deliver standing , squatting or in some manner like that. As i've heard before that the urge to push may overwhelm me and that would throw out the window the plans of letting my body push the baby out through contractions. I'm feeling real positive about everything right now. I just hope the baby isnt 11lbs like amyjeans. If so i'm positive I would get split half into.
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It burns pretty badly, but at that point you are so focused on meeting your baby that it's bearable. Pernial support helps as this point, and if you are in water, you feel it a lot less. After all the labor you have been through, crowning is a welcome relief!
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The pushing stage didn't hurt for me, either. Like a pp said, it felt like a bowling ball was about to fall out of there and I just wanted it out! I remember some pain when DS started to crown, and I was thinking, "Um, never mind, I don't want to do this after all . . . but the baby won't come out otherwise, will it . . . " so I gave one more push and by the I was numb from the pressure.
Really, the pain of crowning won't bother you, I promise! I was afraid of this part, too, but you'll be so caught up in the excitement that it won't seem bad at all. The moment of crowning is such a surreal experience - I felt so connected to all the women who had given birth before me, as well as all the women who will have given birth after me. Just don't let anyone tell you when to push or when not to push.
Have a happy birthing, mama!
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Originally Posted by onlyboys
I can't say that I remember feeling the actual pain of crowing. The overwhelming memory is of PRESSURE! There was just intense pressure. It's been like that for all my births.
: Crowning didn't hurt a lick for me. Not at all. The pressure was just sooo intense though!
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You have received tons of wonderful replies so I will just say to MDC!!

Namaste, Tara
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan
Also remember, it's not a solid 13cm diameter circle going through your normal cervix, it's a compressible 13cm diameter circle going through a stretchy 10cm diameter circle. I've done some sketching with compasses and the relative sizes are quite reassuring.
You are unbelievably well prepared!
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In my first birth crowning was the most painful, and it burned, and it did feel like I was being torn in half. But I pushed her out nice and slowly and had no tearing at all. Just know that even if it feels like you're ripping you're probably not and just go through it. Then you get to meet your baby!

My second birth was totally different. As we got to the point right before crowning, I could feel her head move down, and then up again and I knew we were close. My body was pushing without any effort from me. She came so quickly the midwives told me to hold it because her hand was by her face. (Need to ask them if they moved it or what...). Then I pushed her out on the next contraction and it didn't hurt at all.
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Yes I know i've received a lot of replies and thanks a lot for them! This has reassured me a lot on the whole process. It looks like theres going to be quite a bit of pain involved but look what we'll have when the process is over with. All of you dont know how much I appreciate the replies. Its still kind of scary but i'm more prepared now I feel like. Just hope I dont sit here and think of it more on a negative side and scare myself to death again. All of you are wonderful!!! Thanks.
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Wow! Can I just tell you one of my favorite parts of birth last time was that head right there....oh my gosh it was soooo soft! In fact, that is what I'm really looking forward to again, feeling that soft head for the first time. Man, there is nothing sweeter....all those nine months and then labor and then you get to touch your brand new baby!!!!!
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For me, transition was the only thing that hurt really bad. Pushing felt good and once the baby starts crowning, I felt some burning but nothing too bad. Even if you tear, it isnt supposed to hurt too bad because of the pressure from the baby's head. I had a "pressure episiotomy" with no anesthesia, and although I felt it, it didnt hurt as much as I would have thought.
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I like what fourlittlebirds said. If you want proof about how stretchy your are, feel just inside your vagina. You can feel sort of like, smooth places, and then indented places (that's not a great description, but if you have it, I think you'll know what I mean). It's kind of like a closed accordian. When the baby comes through, it's like the accordian opens, and you know the difference between a closed and an open accordian is dramatic.
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The time I spent pushing before I could see my baby was definitely the worst part of labor. But the moment I got the first glimpse of my baby was the best part of labor, and the most exciting moment of my life(until moments later when I held her for the first time!). Be sure to have a large hand mirror on hand, and just concentrate on that moment when you get to see and touch your baby.
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welllll i'm going to be honest.

with my first, "crowning" took.... ohhh it must have been close to an hour, if not more so (i pushed for several hours). and it HURT. it felt like i was on fire, and being sliced up with razor blades (and i tore very, very badly). he wasn't even a large baby.

with my second, "crowning" took a very short time ~ less than 5 minutes ~ with no tearing, and still hurt almost as much as my first.

i think there's a lot of misinformation that gets spread around about crowning, maybe because women honestly don't remember but also maybe because people don't want to say "oh yeah, that hurt like a mofo' SOB" ~ because let's face it, that's scary. it's scary to know that you'll have to deal with that level of pain, that sort of intensity that you have never faced in your life, and the TYPE of which you'll never go through unless you give birth vaginally. and for some women, there IS no pain, there's just pressure. for some women, birth is orgasmic.

but for some women (eh hem, like myself) it's one of THE most painful things in the entire scope of human existence.

someone here said (and i'm paraphrasing) "oh yeah, it hurts but it's over in a snap" ~ well, no, it might take a really long time. or it might be quick. what i *can* tell you is that POSITION and RELAXATION are the two biggest factors. if you fight it... if you back away from it psychologically... it will take a really long time, and hurt, and you'll probably tear. but if you accept it, if you roar through it and just take it as it comes ~ you'll be fine, it will go smoothly, and you'll have far less pain and a much lower risk of injury.

i was terrified of it too, before i had my first. and then, after i had my first, i was terrified of it even more. but after my second it was... completely transformative.

i guess what i'm saying is: yes, there is the potential for great pain. but your body was built for it (whether you believe in creationism or evolution, there is no denying the fact that women's bodies are perfectly designed for the work of birthing babies). you can do it. believe in yourself, believe in the baby, and take each moment as it comes, and you'll be fine.
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By reading these past few post it seems like i'm just going to have to take whatever my body dishes out.Most of the posts say there will be a little pain and its really nothing and it will be over with in no time to it feels like youre being cut with razor blades. Omg I hope its not the last but after reading all these I think i'm prepared. Anyway i'm pregnant and theres nothing I can do to stop it now. The baby has to come out anyway so i'll have to deal with it. I guess now we'll have to wait and see how much my little opening stretches. Thanks again for your replies!!
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s christyjen, i'm sorry if i freaked you out.

i just know that for me, it was a lot worse being unprepared..... i mean, nobody had ever told me it COULD feel like that (just like nobody ever told me it COULD be orgasmic, either) ~~ everyone just said "oh well, there's some burning but really it's hardly anything"... so when i actually felt it, it was really, really scary, because i just didn't know that it could be like that, and that was one of the types of "normal" as crowning goes.

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No Aura-kitten you didnt freak me out. I'm really glad that you told me. Just hope that scenerio dont happen to me though. Lol!!!!! By talking to all of you here makes me feel better about the whole thing.
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Hmm from what I have read so far it seems that you maybe generalize a bit here?
That if it burns - then it means you still have circulation in the perineum - and that means you are more likely to be able to stretch without tearing? So feeling the "burn" is actually a good thing

It was true for me at least. My second birth I was sure I had torn a lot because it freaking hurt and burned so much - but only a teeny tiny first degree.. not even worth mentioning..
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Originally Posted by mamaglee
Wow! Can I just tell you one of my favorite parts of birth last time was that head right there....oh my gosh it was soooo soft! In fact, that is what I'm really looking forward to again, feeling that soft head for the first time. Man, there is nothing sweeter....all those nine months and then labor and then you get to touch your brand new baby!!!!!
I love this part. I have dreams about it. Reaching down and feeling your babies head - euphoric!

I only felt the ring of fire with my first. Never felt it again. But the pp period...ohhhh it stings! Ice packs..Ice packs!!!
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I recall being nervous about labor and birth--I watched videos and wondered how my baby could possibly fit through there. I read books, I asked questions (I think we all do) and while what I read and learned helped me mentally prepare myself to accept anything, nothing could truely make me know what to expect. Each experience is so unique. I recall really painful contractions that I moaned through, transition was scary and intense (I begged for drugs at one point, thank God my midwife knew I didn't mean it, didn't want it and that I was at the home stretch) but I don't recall any pain while pushing or crowning--I was on a mission at that point and it felt really good to be able to finally do something. Bottom line is, put your mind to it. You CAN do it. Relax, trust your body and take it as it comes. It's good practice for parenthood
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