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I had a VERY long pushing stage (3.5 hours) - and the crowning was seriously not as bad as I was thinking it would be... I was a little worried before labor like you are now. But at that point, I was just glad that pushing was almost over

I felt the infamous "ring of fire" (it wasn't *that* bad) - I didn't even have time to wait the few seconds before continuing to push to try and let it go numb as I had been encourage - my body just kept pushing him right on out! But my body had been adjusting to his head coming for awhile by that point, so it wasn't a real shock to me at all. In fact, I had two tears at that time, and I didn't even feel pain when they happened... I just felt something "different" happening to my body at that time. I know, that sounds weird... some of your most tender tissues tearing and not feeling pain, but I honestly didn't feel pain at all - just a moving/separating going on that was different that what had been happening. The crowning to head being out happened really quick - within a push or two... and his whole 9lb, 3oz body was out in more more push. It was over so quickly at that point - it really was okay!

Enjoy your birth!!!
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How are you feeling about it now?
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Wow,I thought this discussion was dead. Been out of town for a couple of days and see that theres some new replies. To answer the last message of how do I feel about it now? I'm more comfortable than what I was before I started this discussion. I dont guess i'll ever be 100% comfortable but like I said I do feel better about it. I've had ideas of ordering the epi no to stretch myself but hate the price. Me and the hubby will try to find a different way to do it. Thanks everybody!
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you will be fine! i see you are having a hb. Your mw will ( should be) knowledgeable in getting the baby out with no tear or epi.

my good friend had her first baby at home 9 1/2 lbs- 15 inch head- no tear.

if it is important to you- and it should be- you do not need an epi.... your body was made to do this.

Good for you for choosing hb. It is truly an amazing thing-

congrats!! keep posting and asking questions!
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I've only had one, but crowning was the most blissful, euphoric experience... perhaps ever. Well, that and the mind-blowing orgasm I had as she slipped out.
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I thought I would reply again as I just had my second baby a week ago.

Pushing and crowning were such a relief and while not orgasmic for me, it definitely felt good in a way.
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I already have the midwife but she didnt convince me too much on how things would work out. After hearing all these replies I do feel a lot better. The midwife did say that she would work with my vagina to make sure I didnt tear or if I did it would be minimal. Autumn_faune i'm not sure if I could have a orgasm or not. I'd probably be too tense. I've heard of other women having them and they said it was a feeling that they would never forget. Thanks
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you will have to relax mama! I visualized all the women who had gone before me supporting me during my birth. It may help you too. make a list of all the people you know who have given birth naturally( w/o drugs.)

have you read the red tent?

It will be minimal at most. You will be abnle to feel what is really going on so you can help to control it( or not if at the time that works for you!)

you can do this! I did- so did a a few more women(lol)
they are no better than you!
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If you listen to your body, your body won't let you down . Most mamas who aren't being "coached" and are birthing naturally don't have major issues with tearing.

With both of my births, crowning was quick and the labor was more painful than the actual birth. With my first, there was some of the burning pain, while with my second, the pain was from feeling the joints in my pelvis completely seperate (I do have joint problems, though).

The first time is always scary, since it's an unknown experience, but you'll do wonderfully
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