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When will the green poop go away ?

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We have a foremilk/hindmilk plus OAL issue. I had it with my first ds and now this one too, altho not as bad (however my first NEVER really had the green poop). My dd is now 6 1/2 weeks. We've been working on the issue since she was about 3 weeks old. I am only nursing one side every - 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 hours. I feel like I am finally starting to balance out, I am not spraying everywhere, she is only really puking alot once a day if I am not paying attention to her and let her nurse herself overly full. I *just* stopped leaking at night (I still leak, but I am not soaked). She only nurses off of one boob each night - and for the most part is sleeping a straight 6 hours and then giving me another 3, and then another 2. I try and pump off the morning boob if I seem too engorged so that she doesn't get overfull with all the foremilk and tame the OAL and start the day puking on me. I don't pump otherwise. She was born at 8 lbs 15 ounces and is now over 12 lbs. She nurses every 2-3 hours in the day, mostly every 3, but every now and then has a cluster period of 2-3 nursings in a 2-3 hour period. I also have to take her off the boob because she is such a strong sucker, or she will vomit (and i mean 1/2 - 1 cup full, not spit up) and she doesn't really get too much comfort nursing yet, but that is one she gets the same boob for such a long period. My son had to nurse every 45 minutes but she is content as can be, goes long periods, is fat and in size 3 huggies already so I know she msut be getting enough something. But the point of this question is, she only has ONE yellow poop a day. The rest are green, green green. Forest green. There is some curd/mustard seed in there, but they are pretty mucousy too. ANd they are stinky. And I can't remember my son having stinky poop. I mean she smells sometimes like she is already on solids or something.

Last night was the first time that I noticed that she had a hard time before bed with me not having "enough" milk, she had nursed twice and puked twice (she has a cold and more prone to puking lately) and I felt floppy and my let down was not coming and she was screaming her little head off. It took A LONG time to get my let down - so I know the "system" is really working and my milk is getting better adjusted to her. But the poop is still green, and I am wondering if I can still use this as an indicator to the OAL/hindmilk issue or if it is just going to be green. Can you ahve green poop and NOT have imbalance ?

Is something else going on ?

Help Ladies !
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As long as she is gaining, not uncomfortable/gassy, I'd say, relax. yes, you probablyhave an abundance of foremilk, but she wouldn't be gaining well if that is all she was getting. I heard one mom here to say, her dd was in so much pain from this issue, she had to give one side only for 8-9 hours!!!

Here is a poop link

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