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Allergic reaction to crystal deoderant?

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I switched us to crystal deoderant sticks because of cancer issues in our families (plus it's just healthier). He started breaking out severely under the arms. I thought these were hypoallergenic?!

Anyone else here ever have a reaction to this? I'm thinking of trying an organic herbal deoderant.
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I've seen lots of thing labelled "hypoallergenic" that are not--natural latex pillows for one.:

That said, it could be an irritant issue more than an allergy issue.
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It could be reacting to old deo - try scrubbing with a washcloth and soap or use some baking soda to get rid of old deo first.

The crystal is mineral-salt based, perhaps that's causing irritation. Try using less. (Guys tend to scrub on stuff and use a LOT!)
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He had been using it for a couple of weeks before the breakout happened. But he DOES rub it on like he used to cake on his antipersperant. (try teaching a guy that less is more...sigh)
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I've use crystal off/on for years. Sometimes, especially about 15 years ago when I first used it, I broke out pretty badly. My only suggestion is to make sure you rinse your ticklepits (my daughter used to call them that) really well to make sure there isn't any soap residue. Also, make sure you're not on your cycle, as hormones and changes can affect anything and everything. Use it for 3 weeks, consistently, because that's a good detox time for anything to come full circle. I have been using it pretty faithfully for the last couple of years, with no issues. Even after moving from DRY to HUMID states, it has stayed reliable for me. My hubby forgot is deo on a trip once this spring, and was forced to use my crystal rock, and KNEW he was gonna be funked out. Well, it worked for him, and he had to eat crow! Unfortunately, he hasn't given faith to it or used it again, but at least he knows, even if he makes a bad choice.
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