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Creative ways you told ppl that ur pg!

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I'm Not Pg....I think I start ALL my posts in this forum with that line....: ....but I was wondering about this. a friend of mine gave her mom a picture of the positive home test stick...my cousin blurted it out at the dinner table during a family gathering, just like in that Molly Ringwald movie, (the title escapes me, but she was a teen mom that got married and went to night school and her dh was obsessed with going to cal-tech). "Pass the potatoes....I'm Pregnant...Thank you."

Just wondering!! I remember how creative everyone was with halloween costumes... :LOL So i was curious about this!

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Our family members are scattered all over the country, and we wanted to tell everyone at about the same time to avoid hurt feelings. So . . .

We took our ultrasound to one of the Kodak picture machines at Walgreens and had several copies made. Then we went to Target and got little picture frames. Finally, we went to a bookstore and picked up a couple of grandparent books and cute cards with babies on them.

We wrapped the "gifts" and wrote messages in the cards, then labeled everything clearly with "Wait! Call us after work on Friday, and we'll open these together. Open Package 1 first!" (Package 1 was the ultrasound in the picture frame.)

This worked great! They all loved the "presents" and the surprise. Plus, both Grandmas to be took the ultrasounds to work at the first opportunity.
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Well, we were WAY to excited to think of anything creative. Just kind of blurted it out to everyone at the first chance we had!

I kind of wish we had thought of something special, as this will be the first granchild (on both sides) and the first great-grandchild (on my side).

Oh well, its so fun telling everyone no matter how you do it, hope you think of something cool when the time comes!
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When I was pregnant with ds, I wrote the words, "we are going to have a baby" on paper. Then I cut out all the letters and let dh and my parents put the puzzle together. For this pregnancy, I bought a pacifier and attached a note to it that said "Coming in October." I put it in a bag and let dh open it at dinner when my SIL and family were here. (SIL said, "You bought a pacifier that the baby will never use just for tonight, huh?")
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We made a stuff panda with a recording of me saying Congraulations your going to ge grandparents. And gave it to my dad and told him to give it to my mom (so they would hear it at the same time).

If I have another baby I think I will have my son wear a t shirt that says I am going to be a big brother and see how long it will take for my parents to see.
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I just told my parents on the phone because they live 15oo miles away. With dh's parents we bought 2 bibs one said I LOve Grandma and one said I love Grandpa we wrapped them up and gave them each thier gifts. My MIL did not get it at all, it was so funny we had to just tell her. It was fun buying the bibs and looking at all the baby stuff.
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Christy, I'm not pregnant either...so you're not alone! I'm a new member (and a reformed lurker!)

I read the most creative idea in an MDC post a while back. I can't find it, so I'll try to recap.

The woman who was pregnant was at a family gathering, and got everyone together for a group picture. As she got ready to take the pic, she said:

"1-2-3...everybody say 'Ava's Pregnant!'" (using my name as an example)

When people started reacting, she snapped the picture and had a priceless memory of the day she shared the exciting news.
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hey these are cool--keep 'em coming!
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My mIL does a lot of neat sewing for us, and just got done spending weeks doing pioneer costumes for something we were involved in. We were all together for dinner, and DH asked her if she could make one more thing for us... Then he handed her a pattern for maternity clothes and another for a christening gown!
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I think it would be really fun NOT to tell anybody! (If you lived at a distance from them.) Just send them an announcement one day saying "congratulations on being a grandma (or whatever)!" LOL!

I AM pregnant (today was my due date), and of course you want to include loved ones, but I still think it would be pretty funny. I know of a woman who had twins recently, and didn't tell anyone it was twins, and her second slid out while she was chortling over her joke.
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