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Is this normal?

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Here I am once again asking all you brilliant wise women to help me figure out what is going on. Having never been pregnant before I feel like my body is not mine any more. My latest quirk had tot do with my mouth and gums. My gums are not swollen, but they and my soft palate taste metallic or like your mouth might taste when you are healing from a wound. Has any body else had anything like this? ALso my taste buds seem to be dulled. Help. I could use the foot in mouth smilie here because that's kind of how I feel, like my mouth isn't mine.

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I don't know about your gums or the metalic taste but...

I too felt like my body wasn't mine anymore. Everything, I mean everything, seemed to be different: sense of taste, smell, touch, hearing, perception of space around me (I even slammed the car door shut on my stomach once (not hard, and the door bounced open, LOL) because I just couldn't tell how big I was without looking)...

I thought it was kinda neat--I mean, when else could I see what it was like to live in someone else's body? The only problem was: whose? LOL

The good news is you get your body back after... the bad news is it isn't exactly the same body. But it'll be yours again.

I hope someone else'll be able to help with the specifics of your question. But as for the general "my body's not mine": that's normal. You're living the invasion of the body snatcher... enjoy it if you can!

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I haven't had that problem. My first thought was it was somehow related to your vitamins, but I guess that doesn't make sense. I found a web board where some women have said they have had the same thing: http://www.realwomen.co.nz/forum/rep...=1297&all=True

I think I only got a metallic taste after taking Tums.
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I went to the doctor yesterday and he said this gum thing is perfectly normal, there is even a name for it, but I don't remember what it was. It is just yuchy. Now I have a canker sore. UGH! Oh well, I guess in about 8 months or so my body will go back to normal.
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This is my third pregnancy, I have also had the metalic taste, not all the time, just enough to annoy me. I talked to my doctor and dentist, both said that it is "normal" OK, I've never had it before, but OK. I remember my first pregnancy I felt so totally weird, I tripped all the time, I was constantly bumping my belly into things, it was awful. I gained 60 pounds with that one, I only weighed 105 when I got pregnant so I gained over half my body weight. I was so out of whack. My last pregnancy I wasn't quite so awkward, I did trip over a curb once and I landed on my belly. I was so scared that I had hurt the baby. We went to the doctor and she said everything was fine, baby was quite safe and protected in there. Invasion of the body snatchers is a good way of describing it, although when the baby really starts moving I was always reminded of the movie Alien when the alien came out of the guys stomach. My last baby moved around so much, and so hard I was always waiting for her to just bust right outta there! I can't wait to feel this one. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks to figure out my edd. Congratulations to all the new mamas and good luck with your pregnancies.
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gossamer, glad all is normal!

Sherri S., ALIEN...LOL... I thought of that movie a lot too at the end, especially when DD would do something that felt like she was trying to stick an elbow out through my belly button
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