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Kefir questions (detox and straining)

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I really didn't quite believe that the body could start undergoing a certain level of detoxification just because of a new fermented drink. I think I'm eating those words today. I've been drinking about 1 cup of Keifr for 3ish days now, and this morning I woke up with a light headache, and a general feeling of malaise. Could this really be the kefir? Assuming it is, do I reduce the amount I'm drinking? I didn't drink any today, I used the cup for the boys popsicles. To be honest I don't particularly like the stuff, but I don't mind it in a smoothie, so that's how I've been drinking it.

Now about straining. How do you properly strain the Kefir? When I use my strainer it seems that most of the Kefir gets caught in the strainer and doesn't strain through. Then I'm shaking the strainer to encourage it, making a mess, getting annoyed, etc! I tried using the colander today since the holes are a little bigger, which helped some, but I'm still not happy with it. What do you use to easily strain Kefir?
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Bumping this -

If anyone can shed any light on the detox thing, I would really really appreciate it. I'm feeling really, really bad and I'm starting to worry there might be something wrong with my milk. Fortunately my kids and dh don't show any signs, but I'm still really really nervous. I'm nauseous, fuzzy headed, and generally feeling bad.
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if you were experiencing a Herxheimer (sp?) reaction, or similar yeast/pathogen die-off, your symptoms would be more intestinal, ie, gas. Sounds like you have a virus or mastitis brewing, but I wouldn't blame the kefir.
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Could you be coming down with the flu? What you describe sounds more like flu symptoms to me!

I think it's normal for your digestive system to have an adjustment period when you start drinking kefir, but I don't think you should be feeling "really, really bad." Most people just have to run to the bathroom more often.

I guess it's possible that there could be something wrong with your milk, you could try switching milk (I actually use a pasteurized creamtop milk because I had inconsistent results with the only raw milk I had available).

Re: straining, I find it easiest to just wash my hands really well, stick my hand in the kefir, and fish the grains out manually.
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i think you could also use a cotton muslin bag to keep the kefir grains in, and then just lift the bag out of the milk when you're finished brewing....
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Originally Posted by provocativa
if you were experiencing a Herxheimer (sp?) reaction, or similar yeast/pathogen die-off, your symptoms would be more intestinal, ie, gas.
Actually die off for me was pretty much this way... nausea, headache, fatigue. I think it depends on what kind of critters you have dying off!
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Thanks for bearing with me. As soon as I read mastitis I started to feel a plugged duct. Whenever I get a plug I always start to feel under the weather, almost like a fever coming on, I just hadn't noticed that actual plug yet. However I never feel nausea lol. I ended up taking advil and that took care of the headache, which in turn took care of the nausea. I'm feeling a little better this morning, and at least now I definitely know it wasn't a milk problem (even though it tastes "gamey" lol). Maybe I'll try the Kefir again this morning...
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kefir questions

I tried the kefir grains in a bag too but I hadn't been able to find anything that was porous enough.. the bags will float and the kefir inside the bag thickens while the rest of the milk is thin.. it doesn't seem to allow the natural process to circulate well..

as for a strainer I just found the perfect one for me.. At bath & linens I found a plastic "can" drainer.. this was intended to strain the liquid from cans of foods such as canned veggies etc.. the plastic can drainer has larger holes and side holes.. so this works ok with my canning jars both regular and wide mouth, I put a canning funnel in my jars and the "can drainer" inside of the funnel.. straining the kefir goes quickly and easily and nothing is really left in the drainer/strainer.... I was getting extremely frustrated with my previous attempts to strain my kefir grains but this is easily done in a minute or so this new way..

The other day I also accidentally happened to end up with the perfect fermented batch (I'm new to kefir).. I started my batch fermenting but was suddenly feeling ill (DD has been sick) and knew if I left the batch out it would ferment to long so so I placed my partially fermented milk with grains inside the refrigerator.. the mixture finished fermenting inside the refrigerator and I ended up with a thick creamy kefir that wasn't sour smelling...

My kefir grains seem to like the switch in temperatures too.. after all they are started in cold milk in the fermenting process. my grains have doubled in the quantity in just a few weeks... I'm only mentioning this because several people have told me they never refrigerate their grains.
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craftynsewon - I may have to try fermenting in the fridge instead of the counter. I'm starting to really dislike to smell of the Kefir once it's done fermenting and I'm ready to strain/use it. Maybe it's worse because of the "gamey" smell my milk has this week How long would you leave Kefir in the fridge to ferment until it's done?
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