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Hurts to nurse on one side. HELP!

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Gosh I have got a love/hate relationship with nursing right now. Of course I'd never quit over this but Cassidy's tooth must of rubbed my nipple the wrong way on one side and now a week later it still hasn't heeled and it hurts real bad to nurse. I'm still nursing her and grinding my teeth while I do it... IT HURTS!!! DD has no clue how much it hurts. She's almost 18 months and this is the first time I ever had a problem. I'm trying lansolin and different positions. Does anybody have more advice?

I don't like pumping and I don't get much out when I try anyways so I don't think that's an option.

Thanks in advance (TIA)
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Well, you may not like to pmp, but if it hurt less than nursing, why not give it a try? Of course, you need a good pump, like a Medela or Isis. Or use hand expression. You will get milk out pumping if you don't nurse it out. Try warm compresses or a shower first. Then massage, lean over and jiggle the breast, then pump.

Go to the scar prevention section of the drugstore and look for adhesive pads. They aid in healing, moist wound healing.


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My nips have also been very slow to heal when they've had various thrush infections or scrapes or cracks or whatever. It just takes time and patience.

I second the varied positions -- less of friction on the same spot, the same way will help.

Hang in there!
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I just went through a similar experience. My sister in law suggested that I put a raw cabbage leaf in my bra wraped around my nipple. It's supposed to draw out infection and encourage healing. I didn't try it because my body started healing on it's own but she swears by this method. Good luck, I hope your body heals soon!

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wow, i just went through the same thing with my ds (17mos.). the thing that helped most was changing positions. it took about a week to fully heal. good luck.
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