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Told my mom tonight

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and got "oh well" as a response. :

My ILs were nothing short of gleeful. I expected some trepidation but, "oh well"

I made a snarky comment about remembering what she said and putting it into a baby book for the new baby to read someday. She then asked me what she should have said. I was like ...um, congratulations maybe.

Then I started to cry and she seemed confused as to why I would be crying. I squeaked out that she really hurt my feelings and got a half hearted "sorry" before I hung up.

The timing isn't the best, but really, when is?

This was 2 hours ago and I am sitting here stewing about it, barely holding back tears. I don't care if this is baby #3, is it ludicrous to think I should expect a wee bit of happiness from my closest family members?

Not looking forward to telling everyone else now.
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Darn my dear...

My mom knows how to bum me out too. She is very selfish that way. Instead of thinking of me, she thinks about herself. It sounds like that is what your mom has done. It was so bad that before my daughter was born, I had to sever ties with her temporarily. She didn't see my daughter until she was almost a month old. I didn't want that kind of vibe around her.

Honestly, if you think people are going to give you a response that hurts, then don't tell them. It took a while for me to get it, to understand that this is my show, and no one else's. They can purchase a ticket or stay home.
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I'm so sorry. That would hurt my feelings too.
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I'm sorry - that sucks :
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I'm so sorry. I hope she'll come around.
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Oh, I am so sorry. We're all rejoicing for you!
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i get the same from my family. the first pregnancy, they all cornered me and tried to convince me to have an abortion. the second was met with an unenthusiastic "oh". the third i didn't tell anyone until i was five months along. my mom was "insulted and hurt" that i didn't tell her... but i literally didn't have it in me to deal with any stress from my family (i was already dealing with some serious ptsd from my last birth and i was anxious about the up and coming birth). what i did was write a letter and send it to her... then i didn't answer my phone for about a week so that she wouldn't have any choice but to think it over for a few days before responding.

for once, it would be nice to have my family just be happy for me. heck, a baby shower isn't exactly unheard of. sorry you are going through this.
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