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Anyone doing Do It Yourself Prenatal Care?

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I'm Trying to Conceive, but have plans to do my own prenatal care. For anyone who is doing this, what exactly are you doing, what resources/books are you using, what has been helpful for you? To what extent are you doing it?

Thanks in advance!
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Just subbing. I'm interested in doing a UC & my own pre-natal care in the future...not for my 1st birthing experience, but possibly after that.
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I am UP this pregnancy. maybe I'm bad - I am mostly concentrating on nutrition, I get all my advice from myself (instincts) and the internet

I randomly take my b/p at pharmacies that have the machines where you can check for free I run steady and quite low so no issues there. I take vitamins (kid's chewable as they are cheaper AND contain more, and a flic acid tab and plus calcium.)

I am vegetarian so I have to be especially careful with nutrition anyways. esp. now as I cant just go eat a steak for protein - although I prefer veganism I am giving into all cheese cravings for protein/calcium. plus I believe pregnant, my body KNOWS that it needs, not been vegetarian long enough to auto-crave something besides cheese.

and ugh, I uptake on the water. I hate drinking water. I add lemon ><

I cut out a lot of sugar (a miracle for me) then again I have no craving for it.

but otherwise, I am checking no protein in urine (I feel that if something goes wrong I'd know and crave more protein of course) and not checking weight either. I am very small and so I am not worried about putting on too much too fast, or anything like that. also with no weight issues and no family history of GD (which I am not convinced is typically even truly real, that glucose test is crap O.o) so I dont have issues - again I know my body, I will notice a problem. as I had THEIR prenatal care with my last I already know it's a joke. and I dont need U/S or anything. my body knows how to grow a baby

here is the google link to a thread here, this thread is what finally convinced me to join this forum since everything I was googling was coming from here anyways. the links are good, basically telling you that all a sOB is doing anyways and you can do all of it yourself.
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The website www.unhinderedliving.com has lots of useful information regarding doing one's own prenatal care...HTHS
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Thanks guys!

I just got fed up with prenatal care with my two kids...it was like they'd say, "call if you have this, or this, or this..." and I'd call, and they'd say, "Congrats, you're pregnant! NORMAL!" So why tell me to call then?

DH is annoyed with it all too, and totally supportive.

Off to check out your links!
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