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I also never meant to imply anyone was dumb to follow the advice in this book and in fact that thought never crossed my mind. Was just commenting that the advice didn't seem to match my eating choices but if it works for others and makes them feel good then that's great. With respect, MMM
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Blood-type lifestyle and new D'Adamo Baby book

I know this thread ended a while ago, but I just wanted to add for anybody that's interested in D'Adamo's ER4YT books, that he's coming out with a new book in March 2003 about EAting Right 4 Your Baby - fertility, pregnancy, and nursing!

I'm an A+ (DH is too so meal planning is easy :-) and we've been working on incorporating the "A" lifestyle into our daily habits for the past two years. We've found it's better to ease into it and enjoy the changes rather than jump into it - today we have more energy and get fewer colds/flus, etc than we did previously so it's been a big plus for us. We also naturally fell into "A" type sports and fitness so that's worked out pretty well too. Just a helpful note for some of you who mentioned that you're "O" vegetarians and "A" meat-eaters -- D'Adamo has been looking more and more into 'sub-types' as well as 'secreter' status which can greatly affect you individually - so if you were interested in it further you might want to look into the secreter testing (mailaway lab is in NC) and/or the sub-typing (I think the bloodbank in WA does this?)

Anyway, one final note - and this has nothing to do with D'Adamo's work, but.... the way I became interested in the blood-type lifestyle was while living in Japan. Since the 70's, blood-type "personality" factors have intrigued much of the Japanese population. So much to the extent that it's often noted on resumes, business cards, tv programs, cartoons, marriage arrangements, etc. Pretty interesting :-)
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Originally posted by shoshanna's mom
the type O people are the big meat eaters.
Dang....I am a total vegetarian! Is that why I am so cranky, cuz of my blood and all?:
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My mom is doing this right now.
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I'm AB+ what should I be eating?
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if that's a diet book, i'm automatically NOT a fan, I don't believe in diets. But, if it's a guide for health, then, hey...maybe there's something to it.
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