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Feeling Frustrated

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This birth we are hoping to go with a Mennonite midwife who runs a birthing center rather than an OB-GYN affiliated midwife. However, she can't order blood tests and I have a history of really low progesterone. So I called my family doc to see if she would do a pregnancy blood test (which she does) and tack on a progesterone count, which she won't do because she does no prenatal care. I explained all this to office lackey number one, but she just insisited nope, the doc won't order the test. When the office called me back for something unrelated, I asked office lackey number two, and she said she would ask my doc. But I'm feeling crampy and frustrated and sad and worried I'm killing the baby by not getting put on progesterone supplements ASAP. So... I guess my choices are:

(a) do nothing and hope the baby sticks

(b) self-medicate with progesterone and hope I don't OD

(c) call the OB-GYN and get a test through them and then leave after the first trimester

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I'd go for:

(b) self-medicate with progesterone and hope I don't OD because I think it would do you more good. You may be getting the progesterone you need AND it will give you piece of mind. I have heard of many Mamas who use the natural progesterone w/o a DR supervision and do fine. I haven't heard of people with issues of too much progesterone.

Alternately, if the ODing thing REALLY bothers you, I'd go with :

(c) call the OB-GYN and get a test through them and then leave after the first trimester

If you can do this through your insurance conmany w/o any problems. GL!
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I ended up going with C (I'll probably leave before the first trimester because they order routine ultrasounds early on). I had the blood drawn today, and the nurse who called me seemed shocked and annoyed on my behalf that my doc wouldn't have my progesterone checked.
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Did they have the results yet? How's your progesterone?
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It's your body, not your doctor's

You can come and go as you please. You can get what ever test you want. You can decline what ever test you want. Don't forget that. Don't let any doctor bully you. If this is your first, it will be your first time experiencing doctors who try to scare the hell out of you, control you, what ever. Realize that if your doctor doesn't give you what you need, you can go somewhere else.

Because I was moving from SF to LA then to Mpls., I went to different doctors all across the country. I dumped a couple along the way. I couldn't use a midwife because i arrived in MN too late, so legally they couldn't help me. But I found a doctor who is totally hands-off. My husband got to help pull my daughter out. Empower yourself mentally when dealing with doctors and etc. This is your journey, and trust your instincts! They really kick in full fource!


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This is my fourth actually and I'm mostly pretty good at standing up for myself. I just feel bad going in and sort of "using" them when I know I'll be leaving. But I don't feel that badly about it. I mean, I'll live through the guilt.

The person who drew the blood said it could be 2 days to get results. Sigh.
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I use progesterone I get from a health food store, there one brand that works really well for me. I have never had my levels checked.

If I don't use progesterone I mc. So as soon I find out i am preggo I start using my cream. I use to have to use it to even get preggo.

I wouldnt feel bad about not using them. Thats what they are there for. and they are getting paid to all is well IMO.
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I vote for C. Why put either of you at risk.
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I think I would opt for (c) although I have never been in that situation.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Well, I got my results back from the ob today. My progesterone level is 19.7, which is "slightly low" but a heck of lot better than the 8 I had when I was pregnant with my last. I felt guilty, though, when the nurse asked if I wanted to be transferred to the front desk to make an appointment. I was all, "Um, can I call back." Now I still need to find the midwive's phone number.
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