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The Belly Pic Thread - Page 7

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23 weeks
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You look great! What an awesome room!!
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23 weeks: http://static.flickr.com/110/2859607...235e80.jpg?v=0

Just for laughs, here's 36.5 weeks with my daughter: http://static.flickr.com/100/285963273_b01ba81f25_m.jpg

I can't believe how huge I am.
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We had professional pics done last Saturday. Here are 3 of the proofs.
We're having a hard time deciding which ones to get. :


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Here I am at 22 weeks with Baby Girl #2.
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OK, Well we bought my daughter - who will be 7 tomorrow!! - a little digital camera for her birthday and she took a belly pic of me. No flash, but you can definitely see how huge I am. So this is me at 25 weeks and 3 days.

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amy-love the pic of your whole family with your belly. too cute!
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I love seeing everyone. It just makes it all so much more real and like we're in this together. You all look beautiful!

I can't remember if I posted week 21, so here is 21 and 24 with twins.

21 weeks

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Aww cute bellies! And Jude I think you're smaller than me and you have two! I have gotten tons of twin comments and to tell you the truth am a little sick of it! Here is me yesterday...24 weeks


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Luckily no one has said a word to me about how I am carrying but I think I have had my fill thorugh the other pgs. I waited tables until 38 weeks with all of them and had constant comments. I was supposedly having twins last time too This time my tummy is so weird looking to me! I have no lower belly at all and it is so compact!

27 weeks
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I love watching the progress of our growing bellies

Here I am at 27 weeks

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Here I am at 25 weeks. Hope this link works!
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Ok... I am going too add my belly pics too..

I think EVERYONE looks absolutely wonderful! I love too see other bellies!!

So.. adding mine...




Lacking make-up, and just got out of the shower.. Not a very pretty site, but the belly looks great eh?

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I love the bellies!! I haven't had DH take a pic of mine in a while, I'll have to do that - I'm 29 weeks now... I really enjoy this thread, everyone looks great!
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Hi ladies-

Time for another belly update. This is at 27 weeks:

with t-shirt
belly shot
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Sara Ann & Jude rose... you both look AMAZING!! Such perfectly round bellies!!! GORGEOUS!!!!
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