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Everyone looks great!!!!!!
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So here is an update of me at 25, 28 and 29 weeks, enjoy!

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How cute, Kassie!! I love the little post it notes!!
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Thanks Yonit! Its the only way I'll remember how many weeks I was when I finally get around to downloading the pics!
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30w (well, really 29w6d) with twins

subtitled: TORPEDO BELLY
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Big belly by the tree

Here's my 33 week picture! I haven't had any taken in about a month at least!

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Originally Posted by polkadotjonas View Post
30w (well, really 29w6d) with twins

subtitled: TORPEDO BELLY
Awww... you are SO full of babies!!!
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We are all getting so big, yayyy!!! Here is me at 30 weeks, taken yesterday.


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I want a pic by the tree like you Timneh_mom! I'll have to remember to do that on Sat when I turn 34 weeks. Here is my 32 week pic:

my belly
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Everyone is looking so ripe & gorgeous!
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Here is my 33 week belly picture


I think everyone is growing beautifully
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everyone looks soo good, i'm so jealous. i still don't look pregnant :'(
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Originally Posted by timneh_mom View Post
Awww... you are SO full of babies!!!
You're telling me!

Here's 30w4d. I am REALLY getting huge now, I'm much bigger now than when I delivered Juliet!


Ignore the Crimmis-y mess in the background
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All the pretty Bellies!

Here is mine from today 34 weeks:

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You all look beautiful!!
Here's me:
31 weeks and 32 weeks, 4 days
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Wow Julieanne! You can really tell a difference between the 2 shots!

Here is my Christmas tree pic dh took on Xmas Eve.

34 weeks

Oh, BTW, our tree looks sparse because we actually cut one down in the forest out here in MT! I love it because it is so natural looking IYKWIM!
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I did the old Christmas tree too. I am full of baby in the belly!
Thanks to all of you brave enough to post. There's something very comforting to me about knowing I'm not too small or too big-that we're all just different.

31 1/2 wks
belly shot
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Here's me at 34 weeks:

Here's me at 33 weeks, just to compare! I think I grew!
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35 weeks, 5 days.

I feel huuuuge.
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Everybody's looking great! Our babies seem to be growing fast now. Here's a comparison pic of Julieanne's last three belly pictures; they're from 31w, 32w4d, and 34w. Will y'all take a look and tell us if you think he's dropped? Julieanne says she is feeling more room up top, some pains in her cervix, and more low pressure, but isn't sure whether that means he's on his way down or not. (We're 34w1d today, first baby.) Thanks!

Julieanne's belly
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