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"Can't you tell?"

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So, we're at a gathering yesterday at a lake with a bunch of DH's old pals and their wives and children.

I've been swimming, so I'm wearing a bikini with boxers. Someone mentions that I'm pregnant and another friend says, "No kidding?" and this other !@#$ says, "Of course she is. Can't you tell?"


I'm basically standing in the middle of this circle of people and they all then look at me to scrutinize my belly. How embarrassing! I'm like, "I'm not that far along. Sheesh!

And here I thought I looked ok for being a mama of two!

I've decided not to let it hurt my feelers, and as hubby said, "Well, babe, you are pregnant."

Still...... Men.
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Why do people always find the need to say something like that.

I'm glad you didn't let them get to you!
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Ouchie. Well if it helps at all, I look several months pregnant already. I took a picture and sent it to my mom and she was like "are you sure you're not poking it out??" Sheesh...like I WANT to look 3 months preggo instead of one...it's too soon for this!
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