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Pregnancy-Induced Lactose Intolerance????

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Does anyone know if it's possible to develop lactose intolerance while pregnant?
i've never been a HUGE dairy consumer (love milk w/b'fast, but that's about it), but have never in my life had issues with dairy-related tummy trouble. However, this 2nd pregnancy, i get to about week 13 (having felt pretty good) and it seems like every time i consume milk, yogurt (which i'm trying to make myself eat more of), or something with cheese i'm running to the bathroom minutes later. Unfortunately, it's so hot all i really want to eat is cold stuff, namely cereal. So i took a mini dairy fast over the weekend and slowly started feeling better. Then tonight we had a casserole with cheese and crm of mushroom soup, and i'm sick all over again...
Is this the weirdest thing ever? Anyone have any insight?
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Oh well...
whatever it is/was, it seems to have passed or at least backed off.
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I seemed to have that too, and it also passed, which I'm really glad for. My mom wasn't sure if it was pregnancy related.
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I have it with every pregnancy. I can handle cheese but that's it. All other dairy makes me vomit. It goes away as soon as the baby's born.
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I'm the exact opposite. I'm generally lactose intolerant except when I'm pregnant. Finally I can eat yogurt!
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I can offer some advice, as I have been lactose-intolerant since birth, but the only and only thing that I have found that actually workds is taking acidophilus. I take it twice a day, one with my am vitamins and one with my pm vitamins and if i know that I am going to be eating things like ice cream, yougart or cheese which really set me off, I 2 capsules about 10 minutes before eating the diary products and it really helps me. I will also take 2-3 if I have a stomach ache, gas or diarrhea and it has never let me down. I have tried lactaid, gas-ex, and everything else and nothing even touches the problem like acidophilus.

It also clears up yeast infections lickty-split:-)
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I developed this in my first pregnancy-lo and behold dd is lactose intolerant. Anyway, she was born 5 years ago and I still cannot handle much dairy. Cheese is fine but milk and icecream have to be eaten in small amounts.
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