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we had a king size bed and my husband helped me with the nursings, but I did have one crib in our bedroom and I would put them into sleep together when they weren't nursing. My first born slept with us and literally nursed around the clock at night, I couldn't stop the her habbit even when she was older and it took a toll on me, stiff necks, very exhausted. So with my twins I started to wean them off night time feedings at 10 mos. in their own cribs but next to eachother. After about 1 week or so they slept through the night and they were happy and I was happy. They would wake around 6am and I would bring them into bed with me and they would do a big nursing. So they have slept through the night ever since, except for when they weren't feeling well, fever and so on. I can give you more info if you are interested.
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Say, how did you do that??? I'd love more info! Tehila sleeps most of the night usually (but not last night) and GEdalya nurses all night long
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How old are your twins? I considered a few things before I thought they were ready to train for sleeping through the night.
1. that they nursed enough during the day and
2. they ate well during the day as well, my twins by 7 months loved eating real food and of course nursed as well. So by 10 mos. they showed me they were ready to sleep through the night and when they did they actually nursed and ate even better during the day and were less cranky.
3. This is something that really worked for me and my family, may not be the same for everyone.
4. It's definately doable. I also read Healthy child, healthy sleep habits, got from it what I needed and it worked. Still interested I'll PM you.
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Both twins sleep with dh and I in a king size bed. The arrangement varies but dh is always on the edge (other side is against the wall).
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Thanks again everyone for your feedback. Still haven't come up with a solution.. we gave up on the crib for the time being, but I would still really like her to try it out again soon. I hate that my DS is alone in the nursery.

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