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sore nipples

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Hi everyone,

This is my first time writing a post, but I've been enjoying reading other posts for a couple of months. My son is currently 21 months and still nusing at least three times a day. In the last week he has completly night weaned. Yesterday my breasts started to become very tender and my left nipple very sore. Like newborn soreness. I'm not sure why this is happening. Could it be connected to night weaning? Could my milk be drying out? I hope not, my son is defintley not ready for that.

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could you be pregnant?

peace, Beth
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I was just going to ask that. That was my first pregancy symptom with #2.
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I thought I could of been pregnant...but I got my period (a week late) this morning. Perhaps my body is just going through a change. I guess it's possible that sore breasts are just becoming a premenstrual sign. I'm still curoius if their is a connection between my soreness and nightweaning.

Mama to noah
21 months
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Sorry sent this message twice.
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