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Frustrating cycle-early spotting-but bright red-got questions

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OK, I know I'm obsessing! I'm just so frustrated since I know we hit O at the exact right time this month and had a few days in either direction covered! I've also had nausea for the last 3 days and this isn't a normal PMS sign for me.
So AF isn't due until Tues and I start spotting Sat afternoon-I get excited and think this is implantation-cool. (But I never had this with my first 2 kids so not really sure what it would be)
Then Sat night I get a little more and its brighter red, more on Sunday but not a lot. The problem is that it is RED and it's a little bit but consistent over the whole day.
I've been regular for 9 mos-why would my cycle get screwed up now? I am nursing a 18 mos old but it's only-4-5x a day and not at night.
So here's my questions? Could I have m/c again?? and could nursing affect my cylce if the feedings were getting fewer (they have cut back a little in the last month).
Thanks for letting me vent since DH just thinks I'm overanlyzing-which I am but that's what happens when you don't make babies when you want!!
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Hmm. You know I was always regular until I started trying to conceive before too. Must be our body playing tricks on us.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I dont know.

2 pregnancies ago, i started spotting before I ever had a + preg test, then I continued spotting till i miscaried. I doubt nursing would have an effect like that if it didnt affect you before.

I dont know, I'll cross my fingers for you.
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Have you called your doctor/midwife? Keep us posted, please, and good luck!
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Ann, I don't have an answer for you but wanted to add my support. So, if AF is due tomorrow are you going to test today or tomorrow? If it were me I would be so tempted to test before calling the doctor or midwife. It's the first thing they will want to establish anyway.

How are things today? I hope it is the pregnancy that you want and not a m/c or AF. Please come back and let us know.

to you. This whole TTC thing is so stressful.
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I'm sorry, I know how frustrating figuring out am-i-or-aren't-i can be.

I didn't have spotting with my first pregnancies and did with the last one. It was bright red, occasional, but a few tablespoons, which made me wonder if it was a m/c, slight periods, or what. Though it is rare, women do have regular, period-schedule bleeding in pregnancy and even get false negatives on tests for the first *month* and carry lovely healthy babies to term.

Anxiety about being pregnant can lead to pregnancy symptoms, whether the anxiety is from wanting to be pregnant or not wanting it at all!

I hope this is the month for everyone here!
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Thanks for everyone's support. This is our 3rd month TTC and I really wanted a Christmas baby! I'm still having the same amt of spotting-not full blown AF but more than just "nothing to worry about." Sooo....I won't test unless it stops in the next 2 days or if it doesn't get heavier in the next 2 days.
I really think it's just a wierd AF month and we'll be trying next month....
Oh well,
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Ann, if you can't have a Christmas baby, here's hoping for a really big, round "I wish this baby would get here already" belly BY Christmas.
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