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Originally Posted by grapejuicemama View Post
I like the sound and look of Arden. Does it have a meaning?

It seems like a strong name that a boy and then man would wear well.
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Originally Posted by didkisa View Post
I agree, it's a beautiful name! Is it pronounced MAH-lia or muh-LEE-uh or ...?
Whoops - I forgot I posted to this thread! It is pronounced Muh-LEE-uh. I find it easiest to explain that it is pronounced like Maria but replace the R with an L
:-) Thank you for your compliment
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I really like Arden!
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Resurrecting this because I feel like I have to confess to someone:
Firstborn son named Axel.

If it's a girl, we're pretty sure to name her Diesel or Onyx.
It is' a boy, probably gonna be Payne (dh likes Slash).

I'm already planning my combacks:
So, do you guys like unusual/rocker/weirdo names?
'What do you mean?'
So, do you guys like weird names?
'No, we're just breeding wrestlers'

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I still say Diesel sounds feminine to me, once I disassociate it from it's common usage.

I named my firstborn Kazimer, and we call him Kaz. A great many people will never understand why I couldn't have just called him Jacob or something similar like most of the other little boys born in 1999.

Anyways, he wears that unusual name like a pro, and he has never seemed to mind having to remind people of how to pronounce it. Strong name, strong kid... it just fits. It fit at birth and it fits now. So name your babies from your hearts. It will work out in the end.
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Originally Posted by mazzystar View Post
I really like Arden!
I put my vote on Alden! That's what we named our first.

But I have met a very kind old poet named Arden Benson. His name has a nice ring.

This time around, we are going with Oliver Robert Mc.
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We are having a tough time with names here! We can't agree on anything
I like Archer, Earnest, and Oliver. So far dp is only happy with Elliot, which I used to like, but not anymore !
Also, I don't want any names that end with an "n" because Finn and every one of his cousins on dp's side all have names that end in "n" (Ethan, Deven, etc....).
I actually love Archer and am hoping dp'll just go for it once he sees me push the baby out!
Btw Queen, I love the name Diesel! I would almost like to steal it, but can't really use it with Finn!
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lol, Finn and Diesel!
and yet I think I can use it with Axel! haha..
I love Archer. Great name! I heard another little boy at the playground called 'Carver' and thought it was kinda cool. It sounds to me if you were to go with Elliot or Earnest, your little family would be heading towards intellectual, softer, literature types, and if you chose Oliver or Archer it would be a bit edgier, still romantic but....let English! haha
always interesting to hear what others think, eh?
A girlfriend said to me tonight....'why don't you just like nice names? you're picking all these tough names cuz Chad (dh) is tough, but you're not tough...'
lol, so true, but I LIKE them!! And I can't think of anything else I want to call my child!!
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And speaking of Arden- I really like the name, I think it's handsome and unique. A friends' father's name is Arden, and he's this tall, musing, slightly confused kind of gentleman, and when my friend told him we named our son Axel, he said, 'hm. well, I never really knew why my mother named me Arden'.
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Well, the babe is a boy and we have decided on Bodhi Michael D---. We had a he!! of a time for a couple days because, little did we know, we both had different spellings in mind for Bodhi. DH liked, shudder, Bodie (No offense to those who like that spelling, but in TX I just feel like we would be naming a future cowboy, possible friends with Cody, Brody, Jody...NOT the name I have pictured.) I also felt like Bodie reminded me of Bodie Thane??? A christian romance novelist. Again. Not the hippie surfer name I liked. DH thought Bodhi was girly, I thought Bodie was girly.....
But Bodhi? The bodhi tree, etc. Very cool. Finally I won. : After a couple days I asked him if he wanted to think of different names, because I sooooo didn't like his spelling. He said, "eh, I don't care. I like the name the best so whatever."

I love my easygoing dh.

So Bodhi Michael it is!
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