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My DH won't actually type himself but agreed to let me write what he said. His first thought when I brought it up was like "Huh, what for?". Then we went to meet/interview a couple of them and they explained what they would offer to me and to him and he thought it sounded like a good idea. My labor ended up being over 24 hours with back labor, where I spent the majority of the time in the shower. My doula and my husband spent pretty much every contraction pushing on my back to relieve the pain and applying these great heated pads to my back. (I suspect they both had sore arms the next day). My husband mostly took the shifts when I was in the shower and the doula was backup. She also reheated one pad in the microwave while he was using the other on my back. We both agree, that no matter how great my DH is this was truly a two person job. She also suggested alot of positions for me to try to relieve the back labor (unfortunately they didn't work) but it's something my husband wouldn't have been able to provide alone.