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Belly Pics anyone?? - Page 2

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"We took one last night (4w0d) and I plan to take one every Monday evening."

Hey, me too!

Here's mine:

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5 weeks and 3 days.... i cant tell if there is a difference...
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I finally beat the camera into submission. It is currently playing nice with the computer.

Here is me 4w0d with this one (133 lbs):

Here is me 3w5d with my first pregnancy (132 lbs):
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Here I am I just found out today. Sorry bout my big blue undies but it's the only way I could get a good pic and I figure they cover as much as a bikini bottom.. Also I couldn't get my flash to turn off. Darn camera

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Not much difference in a week:

Last Week 4w0d - - - - - - - - - and this week 5w0d (less bloating?)
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here's me at 5 weeks. I feel huge and this is my first baby! Maybe there are 2 in there?

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That video is so cool!
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here I am at 8 weeks. the baby is apparently the size of a kidney bean. and my belly? the size of several cans of kidney beans.

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AirForceMelly, I *think* you made posting pictures "dur-proof," so for that I must say !

When my sister and mom saw the first picture, they were shocked and both yelled at the same time, "You popped!"

Here's 5 weeks and 3 days:


And here's one from yesterday, 6 weeks and 3 days:

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ok, COME ON you guys! I know some of you have new pictures to share ...
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I added more pics today. It's hard to tell much difference but I can tell

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ok fine!

here goes: my official 'belly' from last week- 10 weeks. Now I'm 11 weeks + 2 days...

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Yikes...I feel even huger after seeing your picture! :

Here's mine from Monday...9w.
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Originally Posted by MonkeyPrincess View Post
Yikes...I feel even huger after seeing your picture! :

Here's mine from Monday...9w.
wow, you SHOULD feel like you've got a big beautiful belly, you do!!!!! it's great! i can't believe how quickly you show... but comparatively: #2 to #5!!! By #5 I'll be the same!!!
(but hey, isn't it nice to totally skip the in-between fattish belly stage? mine lasts forever!!!)
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10weeks, I think. Anyone else due around 4-20? What week/day are you? sorry it is dark, next time I will have DH take it.
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ok ladies he is another one of me at 8.5 weeks. im now at 11.5. but i actually think my tummy is shrinking. blah. i feel like im about 30 weeks though.
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Here is 10 weeks, I am just a little paunchy but usually I am flatter than this. I had just got done being sick
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MontanaMama, my due "date" is 4/24...just a couple days apart.
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