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Chiropractic Care--any advice?

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I recently visited a chiropractor who had a very convincing argument to get me and my family signed up for a 72 visit regimen in order to correct subluxations in our spine. While I believe so much of what he says there is a part of me that is having a difficult time buying into the fact that I, like everyone else he treats, must go 72 times in 9 months in order to benefit from his care. Then there is the continued care after the initial 9 months. Maybe I'm just too used to the western medical mentality that you only seek treatment when you actually have symptoms. Whereas this practice believes that everyone can benefit from spinal adjustments because we all have some problems with our central nervous system, no matter how small, that is slowly causing our vital organs to degenerate and keeping our immune system from functioning properly.

Anyone ever receive chiropractic care even though you had no "symptoms" to send you to the chiropractor and what were your results?

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We see a chiro and love him but have never had any pressure to sign up for any regimen. I would be reluctant to committ. When we have had issues he's had us come in for a couple of times in a month or even a week but never 9 months!!

Back away. . .
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I'd say find another couple chiropractors and get 2nd and 3rd opinions. My husband is actually seeing a chiropractor right now, lots of visits, so I think that sometimes that can be helpful. But we feel pretty good about it because I have previous experience with him where he never suggested I go that often (plus I know a couple other people who have gone to him and so I have confidence that he doesn't suggest a lengthy, expensive course of treatment to everyone who walks in the door), and before he did anything to my husband, he sent him off for an x-ray of his neck that even we could see did not look normal. Without prior experience with this doctor (to give you confidence that he is treating what is necessary for you, not just his pocketbook), I'd say find other doctors to talk to before signing up.
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As a chiropractor, this frankly makes my skin crawl. Every body is different, and therefore there is no 'regimine'. I'd seek a second opinion.
baby calls. or i'd have more to say.
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