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Ohhhh EnviroBecca, You have been through the gammit haven't you? I am so sorry to hear about all of your troubles.

As far as my previous comment, I suggested a new chiropractor because he/she didn't seem to give you very much information on the benefits of chiropractic. Especially when you mentioned the Pituitaty and/or hypothalamus probelms. I can't get into details now, I don't have the time. You just need to know that chiropractic care directly stimulates your brain and your hypothalamus/pituitary, as well as others. Also, it seems you have had very few visits so far and I would wonder what results you could get with more...

Sorry about everything again...
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I'm so sorry for you becca!you've been through sooo much! I haven't been through nearly all the crap you have becca! I'm sorry and I hope everything turns out ok for you.

Now I see what I'm in for....I went to the ER for severe back pain, and told them not to do an x-ray because I wasn't sure if I was pg--they asked when my last pd was, and I said "6 months ago!" They took blood and urine~~The blood was some sort of hormone screen to check for pg, the urine to check for UTI/Kidney infection. The dr came in and told me my hormones were in the "low to normal range," and that I had a UTI that was settling into my right kidney. He then told me to follow up with my OB to find out why I wasn't having my pd....

I went to my mw and all she did was give me a pelvic exam and urine test...and based on this, and this info only, she determined that I was not ovulating and I needed prometrium to induce a pd, (in her words) to "kick start my system." based on her logic, If we induced a period, then my system would regulate itself...since i was on the pill a "meager" 5 years, she said my body forgot how to make it's own hormones to have a pd....

SOOoooo....I've had 2 periods in 1 year, both induced with prometrium...the first one was december, the next one was march.

I took a home O test on February 5th, and I got a positive O surge...I was hoping that perhaps this would be the start of my normal cycles, but got no period...so I just finished the 2nd round of prometrium the 1st week of march. So it itsn't that I am not O'ing, but that I am not building a lining...

So I am guessing that if an egg is fertilized, it can't implant, and would therefore die and be expelled or absorbed.

love to all you ttc and if mommas!
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Well, my progesterone worked just fine, and I'm now in a fresh new cycle at last!

Christy, the home O test measures LH (luteinizing hormone) right? When you are "trying to O" as I mentioned before, not only estrogen but also LH surge in an attempt to get the ovary going. (This is what happened w/me this time--my test a couple of weeks ago showed high est. and sky-high LH.) So, you could measure a surge on a home O test but not have actually O'd. Since you didn't have a period within 2 weeks, I think this is probably what happened. OTOH, it may be possible to O and not build a lining if your progesterone production is not working right.

Anyway, it sounds like you're doing the right thing by not over-medicating and waiting to let your body recover from the Pill. Hang in there!

After moving offices, my back is crimpy, so I'm going back to the chiro next week and will ask about pituitary/hypothalamus stuff.
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I just got TCOYF and I am fascinated by it! WOW the things they don't teach you! So I am going to start charting after my next AF, if she shows up! Hopefully, that will give me more insight into what is going on, "in there," so when i go back to my mw, I'll have more info and be more educated about my own body, and have more of an idea about what might be wrong with me!

after reading in tcoyf about how those home o tests can be inaccurate/flawed, I don't think I will rely on them anymore. I want to rely on my own body.

Thanks ladies!
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