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Video of crowning (graphic be warned)

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A friend gave me this link and I think it is great so wanted to share!

It is a birth video of a Danish - quite ordinary/standard - hospital birth. No big drama - except to the people involved. It is VERY graphic (be warned - hope that wont offend anyone - if so then dont look) but I think it is great for once to see an uncencored actual crowning. I also love that the sound is there - every bit of it..

This is the summary:
The midwife talks her through in Danish - to give you the most important clues mainly she is telling her that she is doing really well and that she is almost done. She also tells her to push gently during crowning - and after the head is born she tells the birthing mother to wait for the next contraction.

At one point the MW stretches the perineum with her fingers - this obviously hurts the birthing mother and the MW sais right after "Im sorry - I know that I was being mean to you" (I know some of you will notice this part and wonder)


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Nothing happens when I press the play button, the screen just changes size and goes black.
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okay I feel 2 ways

1- WOW what a glorious birth!
2- WOW what a terrible position that poor mama was in! how totally uncomfortable!!!!!

Oh how I love homebirth...

way cool flick - thanks for sharing!
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Cool beans....UGH I just CANT give birth on my back....I had Henri squatting at the end of my bed. I had to be in the position this mama was in to be checked a few times and it was terrible! I hope she wasnt as uncomfortable as I would have been!
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I so cannot imagine birthing in that position, but WOW what an excellent video.
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Thanks so much for the link. For those of us who have never seen a birth, this is fascinating. Mom seemed positive, which is the important thing. But typical, flat on her back. Looks like a big, healthy baby. I wonder how much tearing she had.

PS - do you know if any midwives have any birthing videos? Or where else I could get one in DK? I don't meet my mw for another 2 weeks. Idiotic Skejby rules - you meet your consultations mw first time in week 28!
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Is the standard/norm to have an internal monitor on the baby? The midwife was suctioning the baby before it was out. What was the mom breathing (oh is that laughing gas?)?
Then the midwife moved in and was cutting the cord when the video stopped, I wonder what happened? How much did the baby weigh? I didn't know if it showed the weight written there somewhere.
I could not imagine having that on my website.... but good for her showing that you can have a vaginal birth!
My dh's cousin is signing up for her elective c-section, they are trying to pick a date. Oh, did I mention that she is 14 weeks so they are trying to decide what week in February to have the baby! : Not to mention that I am a Doula and CBE and offered to do it all for free as my gift to them. She politely declined and the family thinks that I am radical for thinking she should at least try a vaginal birth!!! :
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That was really neat! Thanks for sharing.

Is it common for it to take so long to push the body out? With DS, I crowned, and withing a minute the head was out and so was he. I couldn't imagine laying there with just the head out for so long.
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I would have loved to see more videos like this back when I was pregnant. It was all I could talk about. "Why do they censor everything? I just want to see the baby come out!!"

(Yeah, so she was on her back... at least you could see it... wish there were more movies with other positions though...)
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Hrmph. I get a black screen w/sound. BUgger.

Namaste, Tara
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thanks for the link
seems like if women make noises they sound the same no matter the language--
I do have a question what is on her thigh? at first glance I thought she had a garter on ; ) but then I saw it must be some sort of medical equipment....
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Wow...it was cool, but of course, being the jaded person i now am, i was critisizing everything, lol! Before i had a baby, i would have loved to have seen something like that.
The long time it took to get the baby out really freaks me out also....DD literally burst forth and exploded from me all in one huge contraction, and my body pushed all on it's own, like a frieght train dragging me along...I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have to voluntarily push, and to wait so very long for everything to come out...seems horrific...
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cool video.
i borrowed some videos from my MW, maybe yours would have some?
i pushed on my back, alice was OP and it was the only way that was comfortable for me. i tried everything else first.
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Ok - some info.

I am not sure but would guess the thing on her thigh is part of an internal monitor. THere is no birthstory on the site so I cannot tell you any details.
However I found out that the girl weighs 4 kgs - and if you click the link in the menu on the left called : "Cecilia er lige født" you will get the video of what follows right after birth.
She says something like "That hurt" and her DH tells her she did really well. She asks him if he got it all on video and then she tells her mother to go get something for her (her mother is the person in the background in the dark shirt) Then the MW starts talking about a bit too much bleeding. The new mother asks if she has any tears and the MW says that yes she has a tear in her labia. There is no talk of how big it is.
Then her DH says that the camera is out of battery - just before it ends..

It is not routine her to do constant monitoring - not internal monitoring either. Usually it is only done when there is some kind of problem.

I would personally not like to birth like that but I really think the mother has a good experience here. There is a good and friendly atmosphere in the room and the MW is actually being really friendly with her.
Women here at MDC are very educated about birth - but we must remember that most women are not. They have no idea when is the best time to push, pant etc (or dont think they have) and they feel safe and confident having a midwife guide them through this. We dont all have the same wishes about our births and I actually dont think we have any right to make judgements about the quality of her birthexperience - even if it is not how WE would prefer to birth.
At some point the MW repeats a word over and over - I assume some of you would think she is telling the girl to push but she is actually telling her to pant to let the head out slower. Most of what the MW says are actually reassuring words for the mother telling her she is doing well and giving well meant advice - not orders - about how to push.

The reason there is such a long pause before the babys body is born is that they are simply waiting for the next contraction before encouraging the mother to push.

What the mother breathes could be either laughing gas or oxygen. If there has been problems with heartrate then I guess it would be natural for them to offer her some oxygen?

I hope those were details enough?
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Just wanted to add that I dont know if the MWs usually have birthvideos to lend out but you can get a video in the library called "4 fødsler" that is very graphic and shows 4 different births. You will have to suffer the awful 80'ies haircuts though :
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just watched it with my ds (3 years) and dd (6 yrs) and they both clapped for the mama when she was done how sweet is that?

back when i was pg with ds, hypnobirthing had a wonderful video of home & hospital births that was just beautiful. not sure if they still sell it, but it would be at www.hypnobirthing.com i believe.
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yea I could see the mw checking mom's belly for a contraction- it sure looks like she is doing some perineal massage- also I could see the tear happen- look for when you see the shoulders come and there is a squirt of blood.
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That was interesting! I've never seen an uncensored birth before!
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Just wanted to share my favorite video of a waterbirth of all time! Its amazing!

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Originally Posted by IamPink
Is the standard/norm to have an internal monitor on the baby? The midwife was suctioning the baby before it was out. What was the mom breathing (oh is that laughing gas?)?

all the messing with the mom's tender tissues, the panic around the next contraction after the head (yes, sometimes it takes 'that long', though it's not long at all, really - the baby is still getting O2 from the cord, remember!) and the suctioning kills me.

It's a standard hospital birth (sans episiotomy) not only in Denmark, but here in the US, too.

I would imagine that what they put on her was oxygen, not laughing gas. It didn't seem that the mom was in alot of pain and the midwife/dr seemed rather freaked (constantly poking her belly waiting for that next contraction) about the head being out for awhile, so the O2 was probably just "in case".
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