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How much time do you spend with your dc?

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I tried to search to see if this has been asked before but it wasn't working so forgive me if this is a repeat.

I was curious how much time you dads spend with your dc and what do you do with them during that time? Also when your children were very young, did you view them as boring and so you wern't interested in spending time with them? Do you feel as though the baby stage is for moms and then you will play with them when they are "fun"? TIA for your opinions guys.
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My son is 14m

I am at work all day, but when I get home I try to wisk my boy away and give mama some alone time. Sometimes we are up in the game room for hours while dw takes a shower, cooks diner, or just surfs the web. Most of the time she will come up there and we will all hang out. Him and I do all kinds of stuff up there. Play with hotwheels on his car table, play video games, tickling, read books, learn signs, play a counting game, play with playsilks, whatever. Sometimes we go to the garage and talk about my cars (hopefully someday we will instead be working on his car).

I definatly don't view kids as boring. Sometimes I would like to do something else but sometimes that's not really in the cards. Being an active, attentive dad is pretty important to me. More important than a clean house, video game time, my writing, my project car, etc etc. Definatly when my kids are a litle older I will have more "me" time. And hopefully even be able to share (but not push) some of my hobbies with them. But untill then, some of my hobbies have to be put on hold.

I wake up an hour earlier than I need to so that I can have a little "me" time every day. It has done a lot for keeping me happy.

But yeah for the direct question of how much time... well I am away from him for about 12 hours a day, then I am with him for the other 12 (including co-sleeping).

With the infant question, my in-laws have a saying "A sleeping baby is a terrible thing to waste." And I agree. Nothing more relaxing than holding a happy/sleeping infant. As an added bonus, it is a great excuse because in our house/family everyone caters to whoever has the sleeping babe. People bring you drinks, give you computer time, keep the dog entertained, give you the remote control, etc etc.
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