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Birthday party ideas for 1 yo

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DD is going to be one next month and I'm looking for ideas from other mamas for her b-day party. I want to keep it simple and have thought about maybe a "bubble" theme-with bubbles for kids to play with, purple ballons, ect. Any ideas for games, finger foods, ect?
Thanks !
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I love the bubble theme!! Very cute!

Will there be children there of all ages or mostly babies?

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mostly toddlers-2yr olds, 14 mo olds. We're probably going to keep it as relaxed and informal as possible. I'm thinking about filling up a wading pool with homemade bubble solution and having the grown-ups put on a bubble "magic show" for them.
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Sounds great to me lot's O fun! Hmm for parties I like to keep food simple dips and veggies, chips, that sort of thing. Here's a web page for more ideas to check out:
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You all going to think that I am a crazy mama but I had a puppet show for my daughters first year and the kids really enjoyed it! They stayed sitted the whole 5 minutes and at the end they got to play with the puppets and puppet theater (which I made from a cardboard box. Cut a whole for the window and painted it). It was fun and Shanti still remembers it and she is now 5

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thank you all for the wonderful ideas! A puppet show..how sweet!
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I like your theme idea! We weren't that organized, but one thing we did that I really am happy about was, in lieu of gifts, we asked folks to bring (or send) items for a "time capsule" that dd will open on her 21st birthday. We have enough toys for a small village (almost none bought by us -- first grandchild on both sides!!!) and plenty of clothes...so it seemed silly to get more gifts.

It also meant that folks could be creative rather than spend money...dd received newspapers, magazines, 2002 coins, stamps, videotapes, recording of current popular music, and other fun stuff that I imagine she will enjoy in 20 years...and the parents of the other babes in attendance really enjoyed watching the presents being opened!

Kim, momma to dd Tayte, 14 1/2 months old
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i love that idea! how cool!
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i love the theme. dd is currently obsessed with bubbles. she chants "bubble" over and over until I get them out and blow them. we had no theme, but gave away goody bags with bubbles, pinwheels and a little baggie of cheerios (all kids were in the 9-13 month range).

maybe for the bubble show you could get one of those wands that makes giant bubbles or square bubbles?

for munchies we had baby friendly foods: fruit, cheese, hummous, pita, etc. the grownups enjoyed it too.
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I love the time capsule idea! I think I am going to use for Lukas' second birthday. Thanks for sharing

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Your DD was born a day after my DS!! And we have a little friend here named Emma who is 2 days older than he!

I'm thinking about having some sort of craft or something. I want to do handprints...but I'm not too sure if it'll be too messy. I think there will only be 4 kids here. I hadn't even thought of a theme......I hope it'll be warm so we can be outside!

I like the time capsule idea....that is cool! i wish I would have been collecting things from the whole yr....I have some stuff and my granma keeps the paper from the day each grandkid was born that we get when we turn 18.

These are good ideas.....keep em coming ladies...I'm interested too!!!
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what about sesame street theme with elmo and cookie monster. I did it with my daughter and she loved it.
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I'm impressed with everyone's ideas for a themed one year old party! We've been to a LOT of one year old parties lately, and my impression was that one year olds aren't old enough to appreciate a party, much less a cool-themed party. Not that you shouldn't do it, but might just be more for the adults (and pictures of course!).
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