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HELP! Baby screaming when nursing and diarrhea

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My baby tonight started screaming 30 seconds into nursing. I tried both sides and he screams hysterically. Then just 10 minutes ago he had explosive diarrhea. I can't think of anything majorly different I ate today but it must be something in my milk and I tried to pump and dump but I can't really get too much out. What do I do?
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I doubt it's anything you ate, it wouldn't go that fast. Try a different position. Could his ears be hurting? Could he be teething?

good luck!

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Has anyone else in your household been sick? Any friends? It could be reflux I suppose. Have you had trouble with allergies with him? Any other issues? Poor baby. Poor mama.
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He just turned 3 months and I see no signs of teething. I have already give up ALL dairy and prenatals 2 months ago due to extreme colic. He is on Zantac for reflux. He is happy otherwise until he starts to fuss to eat then he gets all happy to latch on and then HOLY COW he FREAKS out. He just fell asleep from crying. He is hungry and won't relatch on. I tried to give him a bottle of breast milk and he wants NO part of that. I started a new vitamin last night. No iron in it. Is it that? I am so upset!! I did try different positions too.
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I would not introduce anything new into your diet if you are dealing with reflux. I would also seek out an osteopath who does cranial sacral manipulation. AND I would check out the special needs forum because the moms of GERD kids there have different opinions on which meds work and which don't for reflux. I think (don't quote me) that they don't care for Zantac...though I could be remembering wrong....I think they like Prilosec.

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No fever?
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My daughter was on Prilosec and the zantac didn't work for her; the zantac seems to work for ds though so far. It is my 30th b-day today and we are supposed to leave for a weekend getaway...all of us of course. I just don't know if I should cancel.
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no fever
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Happy Birthday.

Well, I would probably take him in to have him looked at. My understanding is those meds can stop working at any time.

Have you tried cranial sacral or chiropractic? These modalities have worked wonders for other GERD babies I know. Including my oldest.

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