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I remember seeing a baby when I was young that had been circed and my mom explained it a bit and I thought that it was the cruelest thing ever...
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I always have been against. My mom was pressured by my dad's family to circ my bro (even though my dad's intact & she said no way. She's my hero! :

When I was about 7, the newborn son of a close family friend had 1/3 of his penis cut off during a circumcision (which resulted in major Reactive-Attachment disorder & a troubled life for him, but that's another story & I told my mom then I would never do that to my baby.
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I went to school in Indiana, very high circ rate. And the author of my textbook was also my professor so that seems kind of dodgy to me. I did write the school after I found out how misinformed I had been and was told he had retired the following year. I hope they still arent teaching that. He also described circ as "just like clipping a hangnail" BS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I was about eight years old the first time I heard the word 'circumcise'. It was a passage from scripture read out at Sunday School and a group of girls started to whisper and giggle. When the class was over I went to them, all bright-eyed and innocent, and asked what it meant. One of the girls said, "They do something to your willy!" accompanied by stifled giggles again. Frankly, I don't think their knowledge was a lot better than mine! But I never forgot that moment.

Since I'm English, that was the extent of my 'education' until I was at boarding school. A single boy in our dorm had been circumcised (son of an American serviceman posted here). I've told about him before on this forum, so won't explain the circumstances again. Suffice to say that after my initial shock I put two and two together and felt very sorry for him.

Obviously, like others outside the USA, I find it incredible that any advanced country can willingly inflict such an inexcusable act of cultural normalcy on its little boys.

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Yes, I have ALWAYS been against this practise, even when I was a very young woman. (I'm 44 today.)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that A.) There are no parts of the human body which NEED to be removed from an entire sex of people, B.) Harming a baby unnecessarily is wrong, and C.) Trauma to the genitals HAS to be DAMAGING on all kinds of levels.

I have no biological sons, I have four daughters, and one soon-to-be adopted boy. (I only hesitate to call him my son because he is my sister's child, and it's complicated.) My sister circumcised her son, and I was HORRIFIED. I can't understand anyone thinking it's okay to do something like that to a baby...I just can't.
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Originally Posted by Islay
Obviously, like others outside the USA, I find it incredible that any advanced country can willingly inflict such an inexcusable act of cultural normalcy on its little boys.

I'd just like to note, that I am an American, and have only lived in America.
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Originally Posted by rozzie'sma
He also described circ as "just like clipping a hangnail" BS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea how involved the procedure was until TODAY, when I watched the video posted here. Even so, I was adamantly opposed to it, but NOW...I'm at a loss for words. It's so much more horrific than I ever imagined.
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I remember asking my mom what circ was when I was 8. I was horrified. My 4 younger brothers were intact so that was normal to me. My older brother is circed and I understood that my parents made a mistake with him. However, like pp have said I wasn't an intactivist. I told people I didn't think they should do it but didn't really have hardcore info to back me up. I didn't understand the horror of circ aside from the trauma to an infant. I never even thought about the sexual repercussions until I found MDC. Now I'm singing it from the rooftops. 2 converts and counting!!!
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I always knew it was a bad thing to do. My dad and my brother are both intact. (so is my son of corse) But I didn't know how bad it was until I started comming here.
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If my first two had been boys, they would have been circumcized no doubt. I didn't even research it...I just thought it was what had to be done, since my dh was. Makes me sick to think I didn't question it once...thank goodness I had two girls first and I didn't have the chance to make such a horrible mistake! It was not until the pg with my son that I really started to question it all. Right from the start of that preg., I had started thinking more into it, reading debates and articles about it, and eventually feeling awful over ever considering doing something like that to any of my babies!
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i grew up with an intact dad and intact brothers. i don't remember when i first heard about circ, but i don't remember ever thinking of it as a good or normal thing.
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Yes. Always. All four of my brothers are intact and my Mom's perspective just made sense to me. She would say, if the subject came up, "What's the point? They came out perfect, why mess with that!?" When preggie the first time I did the research, convinced DH that his position (TO circ) was wrong and became much more outspoken about the subject, but always against circumcision!
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I need to go to bed so I haven't read the whole thread yet, but wanted to comment.

I didn't ever think about circumcision really until last year. When I was 11.5 and my 2nd brother was born I asked my mom why he had gauze and vaseline on his penis (this was after they'd been home a couple days) and she told me that all baby boys get circumcised and it was just cutting the tip off. Okay didn't really tell me much, but it satisfied me at the time.

When I was 12, my best friend told me that boys don't have to be circumcised (she was telling me about a "About Your Body" book her parents got her - I should find out which one because it said that circumcision wasn't necessary) and that her little brother was intact.

When I was 16 I started dating this guy (who was a jerk) who was intact. I couldn't figure out if he was circumcised or not even though I had seen my brothers naked many times (I was a bit older and changed the younger younger brother's diapers and took baths with my older younger brother). We didn't go "all the way", just did some fooling around

When I was 17.5 I started dating dh who told me he wasn't circumcised (his words) before we ever got to the fooling around point. I didn't care one way or the other at the time. I knew we'd never circumcise a son because dh isn't and I have no complaints Why fix what ain't broke?

I didn't become rabidly anti-circumcision until I found this board in May, I think, of last year. I did research and was sickened by what I found (I was also in my first trimester of pregnancy... so already queasy). I had a really hard time researching much about it at one time because I would feel so ill from reading about it. I was better able to learn more at a time in my second trimester. I wanted to know enough to be able to defend my decision to my relatives and such if we had a boy. I ended up learning enough to make me want to learn more so I could save others' baby boys from this atrocity!

I hope that all makes sense. I'm awfully tired...

I think that's about it.
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Originally Posted by Delacroix
I'd just like to note, that I am an American, and have only lived in America.
And I applaud you!

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No, I haven't always been against it. Everyone I know is circ'd or circ'd their boys. (I'm in Ohio) It never even crossed my mind not to do it. Then I talked to a girl online who I knew from a different board and she mentioned RIC. I asked questions and she answered them, but never forced information down my throat. She mentioned a video, but said it was graphic. I wanted to see it, so she sent me the link. I watched it, hyperventilated, then immediately told DH that no way in the world was I ever doing that to another son--EVER! He threw a fit because he wanted a son to "look like him", but I am wearing him down now. LOL The more he learns, the more appalled he is.
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Midwesterner here and I thought everyone circed until I found internet message boards a few years ago. MDC wasn't the first place I saw that people didn't circ but certainly where I learned most of my information.

Had it not been for the internet my son would have definitely been circed and I never would have known it was optional. Thank goodness I found out the truth!!

(I do remember looking at my nephew's freshly circ'ed penis and thinking it was wrong somehow. But I know DS still would have been done.)
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Originally Posted by eightyferrettoes
No. I can't say I ever had a real "thought" on the whole subject, any more than I had on placentas, before I found out my unborn kiddo was a boy.

Yeah, I didn't really start thinking about it until I was pregnant with a boy, BUT I had already made the "MGM is similar to FGM" connection in my mind prior to becoming pregnant.
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This goea against the norm, but where I'm from circ isn't normal. No one in my family, and I mean NO ONE, no cousins, uncles, grandparents, etc are circ'd. Also I've never dated a circ'd guy before nor even SEEN a cir'd penis! I'll tell ya, I was really shocked when I found out it was such a hot topic. When I found out I remember saying out loud to myself. What?!? Who even THINKS about circ'ing?!? I had always known what it was as I remember seeing something about it on TV as a kid. I just thought it was something done for religious reasons alone. It did upset me but I just figured it would never apply to me. Seriously, I feel like I'm from a far-away land!
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I have not always been against circumcision. I was definitely a too! That's funny, considering that nowadays, I don't do much of anything the same way my family or friends do it. I just didn't think for myself much before I had children.

I don't really know what the heck I was thinking- I didn't have much of an opinion on it, really! It was the norm, to me. We didn't learn about it in school. I never read anything bad about it in books or magazines until I was in my late 20s. Most pictures or porn that I saw had cut penises.

When I was a kid I saw my dad naked once, and he was intact. But I didn't remember what he looked like or think about it (it was my dad!) until I came here.

I had an intact boyfriend when I was 19, after several circumcised ones. I thought it was different from what I was used to but not a bad thing. Then I came to know just how much more play there can be in foreplay when your partner is intact!

But he had some unusual characteristics: he peed out of two holes, and he had a very distinct raised line running up the underside of his penis. It might just have been a very pronounced raphe, but he and I both assumed it was a mysterious scar from some secret surgery for a different birth defect! He'd never asked his parents about it. In my culturally warped thinking, I thought that this all added up to some reason they were unable to circumcise him as a baby! : I never realized it could have been a conscious choice they made to leave him intact, because it's just what's done, right?

Even after I saw my newly-circumcised nephew's sad, bloody penis I didn't question it! I wish I had been informed when he was born.

I read a magazine article a few years later- I swear it was Maxim, but I can't find any record of it! So maybe it was the Men's Health one. That did it for me.
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My first son was done, i didn't want it done even though it was the norm when he was born. My dh wanted him done, i will regret it until the day i die.
My second son, again i didn't want it done, and we delayed it for some reason and than our doctor said because of his age, (4 months?) he would have to be put under to have the procedure. so yay he wasn't done!!!

If Jenna had been a boy she wouldn't have been done.
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