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Enlarged Uterus???

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well i went to the docs yesterday and they said they needed to check if my uterus is enlarged. she said it was and that it wasnt a good thing. but then she felt around and asked if it hurt at all and it didnt. And that was it, she didnt say anything. So now i am freaking out. What if there is something wrong with me? what if i have cancer? anyone experience this? HELP :
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I don't know, I'm sorry Could you call the office and ask them?
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Did she think your uterus was bigger than it should be for how far along you are? Maybe twins?

I don't know - I'd ask her to clarify her concerns.
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no way is it twins. its not in my family. i dont know. im so lost

this is what the nurse said

"ok, im going to check inside, make sure your uterus isnt enlarged cuz we dont want that"

:::::checking inside::::::::

Nurse: "oh yeah hunny its enlarged, thats not good."

:::::checking inside::: ::::::: pushing down on my tummy::::::::

Shes asked if it hurt when she pushed down. and it didnt. so then she takes her hand out, and says "ok, all done!".

AND THAT WAS IT!!!! she left! what the heck!
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Before you stress yourself to death, I would call the office right now and leave a message, saying you need some clarificaiton about your last appt. You have the right to an explanation about what's going on with you and your baby, and you won't be ok until you do. Good luck hon...
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This is all I could find out through google...


Otherwise most of the sites talk about fibroids. Wish I could help more!
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What kind of idiot tells a pregnant lady that something isn't good and then saunters out without an explanation?

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Stories like this make me angry and fearful at/of the medical world. How very very insensitive. But try not to get too stressed out... it can probably mean any number of things, most of which are not serious.

But make the call for sure. Stress is bad for you.
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