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Feeling anxious

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here, I'm expecting, I'm nearly 8 weeks and feeling incredibly anxious. I've lost 2 pregnancies this year.

I've been having cramping in my lower back, an almost burning feeling. I also get some cramping on the left side to the inner hip(where the leg joins to the hip but more in), that may be ligaments stretching.

I know I'm likely jumping the gun and panicking for nothing... but the discomfort is different from my full terms. I don't remember feeling so terrible so soon. I do have typical symptoms, the breasts that hurt as soon as dh thinks about them the tiny bladder syndrome, the nausea, the fatigue,but the other symptoms are foreign to me. Can some one tell me what it might be? Can some one ease my conscience?


A mama who shouldn't be so naive, but is not trusting herself right now.
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Re: Feeling anxious

Originally posted by Touch of Sunshine
I've been having cramping in my lower back, an almost burning feeling. I also get some cramping on the left side to the inner hip(where the leg joins to the hip but more in), that may be ligaments stretching.
I have pain in my lower back, and *had* cramping earlier (like week 6-9) and the cramping in the hip area I've had on my right side since about week 6. Its getting better now (I'll be 15 weeks tommorow)... and so far everything is going well for me! Had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and saw the baby moving and the heartbeat, and since 12 weeks I've been feeling the babe squirming around there.

I hope that helps ease your anxiety a bit!!
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***WHEW** Did they say what it was??? Why? I'm thinking maybe bladder infection for the back pain....

I hope that that is it. I'm scheduled for my first OB appt in April. I hope she'll check for a heart beat then, cause she didn't last time, and then my baby died before my next appointment. I really need to hear it. I'm terrified.
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I asked my Nurse Practitioner (we're switching to midwives here, but she is who I see now) and she said the inner hip pain is just ligaments stretching. It scared me too, esp because up til 9-10 weeks I was having constant cramps like you'd have with your period! She seemed very VERY *unconcerned* about it, like almost blowing me off about how NORMAL it is. So maybe that will help you out. make you not worry just a tad?

Never found out what the back pain was... until 9 weeks I had a month of urine testing done every week and was spilling just a little blood in my urine, which she said was NOT a bladder infection (not enough white blood cells or bacteria), and I had a kidney ultrasound and it wasn't my kidneys... the blood has cleared up now (was trace when I last gave a sample) and that coinsided with my back calming down mostly (its still sore sometimes but not *cramping*) so maybe I was at the tale end of a bladder infection that cleared up when I upped my fluid intake??

I'm sure it must be hard to be SO worried after 3 losses! Up until that 9 week ultrasound (and I found out I was preggers at 9 DPO so it seemed like a LONG wait) I was SO terrified and worried! I did have a very early miscarriage about 10 years ago, so it didn't help, but the worry weighed heavy on my heart! So I can't imagine how worrisome things must be for you right now...

for you, I hope your appt comes quickly and you get to hear the little one's heartbeat to ease your fears. I'll be thinking of you, and hoping you get thru until then without *too* much worry.
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Thanks! I won't rest until I hit 20 weeks or so though.

We found out at 15 weeks that the baby had died... He had at 13 weeks. Don't mean to be a downer here. I'm anxious!
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TOS...try not to be anxious, although i am one to talk....i spent almost my entire last pregnancy terrified, checking my underwear, then counting movements. try try try to enjoy this special magical time.

i would certainly have my urine checked....or it could even be a kidney stone.
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TOS it's normal to be anxious !! I went through the same thing ... didn't relax until week 22 or so! Now I'm at 31 weeks and enjoying my pregnancy but it's taken me a while to get to this relaxed. I don't know your medical history obviously but just wanted to say that I had similar symptoms you described from about 5 weeks pregnant to 11 weeks (or more - can't remember). I remember distinctly having those burning cramping feelings you are describing and panicking. Unfortunately, I mentioned the pains to a woman I was lunching with who nonchalantly mentioned, "Oh, you're having a miscarriage ... just put your feet up when you get home"!! Talk about PANIC. She just continued to chew her sandwich. Anyway, long story short, I phoned my dad (who is a M.D. - nice one too) and he said that girl was nuts and to relax and that it's likely my uterus and ligaments - explained that your uterus is expanding so rapidly and quickly that it's natural to feel these pains.

So, I relaxed a tiny bit! Everything has gone fine since but I remember those burning crampy feelings very distinctly. Just relax and try to take each day at a time!!!
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Thank you@!@ That makes me feel better. At least a little. 2 weeks till I see my OB. It was supposed to be 1 week, but the kids are on spring break and they'd have to come with. We aren't telling them at this point. not till we are more comfortable.
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