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I also did some of my growing up in Holland, where I leagally bought both mushrooms and marijauna. I got a little too into heroin when I was 17 and 18, and definantly think it should be illeagal. I beleive in leagalizing marijauna, however. I hated all the 'speedy' drugs (coke and crack) that I tried. I also hate being drunk, so I no longer drink, even a glass of wine with dinner does me in, plus I am proudly nursing, so nothing (including caffeine and OTC drugs) goes into my system.
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Originally posted by kama'aina mama
when distinguishing "natural" drugs from man made I put beer and wine in the first catagory and distilled alcohol in the second. Wine will happen totally unintentionally. Likewise beer and even champagne. Distillation requires a medium level of technology and I believe acts a very different way in the body. Very man made.

Good point!

I just wanted to say:

Legalize! Legalize! We need a little picketing guy icon, holdng a sign and yelling something! I'm all for the legalization of pot! Woo hoo! Seriously, it would be so much safer! I wouldn't want to smoke the stuff you get around here, it's laced with all kinds of nasties! I think people would be able to grow their own.
I do think that using "safe" drugs in moderations can be really beifical, and just lovely in baked goods!
BTW, I don't consider pot a "drug," it is an herb.

I think addictive things, of all kinds should be illegal. Of course, excluding important life saving incedences.

While I am at it, I would make cigeretts illeagal, they're not healthy! Dh smokes at work : but he would "never" do pot because it is illegal. This is coming from a man who was just arrested last week, (alright, that wasn't really his fault, but it makes for a good point!) Caffine is very addictive! Addictive = bad!
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Well, I hate to sound like one of those commercials, but here goes - I started smoking pot when I was 17 and six months later was shooting heroin. I also know people who have been beaten and robbed for pot, and a 13-year-old girl who prostituted for it.

BUT, I know lots of other people for whom this is not the case. I personally didn't like pot that much; it's actually the one drug I do not miss. (I have almost 5 years clean.) I don't believe it's totally non-addictive - I believe people when they say they are not addicted to it, and I believe other people when they say they are.

As far as legalization goes, I am against all laws that are meant to protect people from themselves. I don't know if it's really the answer to the drug problem - look at alcohol. It's one of the most dangerous drugs out there and keeping it legal hasn't changed that.

My "drug of choice" was a speedball - heroin and cocaine mixed together. I also used acid, mushrooms, PCP, prescription THC, tranquilizers, opium, alcohol, and heroin and cocaine by themselves. I shared needles and managed to not get the Hepatitis C that nearly everyone I know in Narcotics Anonymous has. My veins did get ruined, though. They are smaller than they used to be. And what really sucks is that even with the years I've been clean, I still have a really high tolerance for medical drugs. I woke up in the middle of having my wisdom teeth removed despite being given the maximum allowed doses of valium, demerol and sodium pentothal.

I really don't have much of a desire to use now, although I think about it sometimes. Especially when I can't sleep; I wish I could just drink or take pills like other people can.

So I guess I am for legalization and for programs like needle exchanges, but I would never let my kid smoke pot in the house. I used to have all this fear of "what if my kid uses drugs?" And I realized, she probably will use drugs at some point. I think most people try something at least once. But I don't think that she's doomed to be an addict just because dh and I are. (He has 7 years.)

12-step programs have worked for many people, but it's not the only way. Whatever works for the individual is what should be done.

OK, I've rambled enough. Yes, the law is wrong and stupid.
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Lunar, some people insist that pot is, if not addictive, then habit forming. All addictive things illegal? What about caffeine? No more chocolate? No more tea? Etc etc
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Legalize it, make it safe, tax the crud out of it, and use the tax money to pay for education and health care. Not to mention the money saved by not housing 700,000 prisoners jailed for non-violent crimes like "possession".

In Virginia, possession of more than half an ounce is a felony. When a friend of mine was arrested, they weighed two dead seedlings, including the dirt, and got him for 1/5th of an ounce over the felony mark.

The county spent approximately $3000 funding the raid on his home, the arrest and processing of he and his wife, and the prosecution of both. I do not know what it cost them to keep him in jail for a year. I know what it cost HIM, though. His livelihood, and watching his child be born.

There is no functional difference between mj and tobacco or alcohol, and we (as a culture) considering tobascco and alcohol to be a norm. Go figure.

More hypocrisy and another example of whose really in charge of this country.........the people who can pay off the politicians.

I may be wrong, but I *think* New Mexico has recently decriminalized mj.

On a personal note: I would be a better person with a daily toke. I do not, because the picture of my kids sitting in a station waiting for some foster parent to come get them in the middle of the night scares the &*%$ out of me.

Edited to add, there is a great book called "It Ain't Nobody's Business if I Do ~ The Absurdity of Consentual Crimes in America" by a guy names Peter McWilliams. The entire text of the book is available for freehere or you can order it from any book store. It's an interesting read, addressing sex crimes, religion, etc, in addition to drugs.

From the overview, "THIS BOOK IS BASED on a single idea: You should be allowed to do whatever you want with your own person and property, as long as you don't physically harm the person or property of a nonconsenting other.

Simple. Seemingly guaranteed to us by that remarkable document known as United States Constitution and its even more remarkable Bill of Rights. And yet, it's not the way things are."

It's a great read!
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uh, but are we forgetting the BILLIONS of dollars the US and local govs get to keep in siezed property each year from busted dealers ect???

I know, probably a different tangent that could use it's own thread.
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Fun fun!

Let's see I got the short end of the stick...I appear to be highly allergic to pot. Major migraine city. Really sucked. Only tried it twice - second time forma completely different source to make sure it was the pot I had problems with and not something in the pot.

Did acid in high school...during school no less. That was a dumb mistake. But a good fun trip.

Did xtc once. And that was a riot...would do that one again. It was at a cast party for our production of Hair....and everyone in the cast and crew - all 50 of us - deicded that was the party for the week. Boy that was entertaining.

Smoked for almost 10 years and spent a couple of summer stock summers trying to kill my liver. (think several cases of stoli in 13 weeks.)

As for legalizing - yes i think they should be legalized. with one HUGE caveat - prior to them being legalized there needs to be significant research and though put into rehab to insure that those who want to stop - can. One of my best friends has a crack (nasty nasty stuff) problem. Has for years. And the treatment is either so expensive or not complete that he has never managed to stay clean for more that a year. And he really feels like he needs more help, but can't afford it or they just don't care. that is where I think significant $$ needs to be put.

As for parental use...well, I myself would not use anything that would either slow down reaction time or alter my perception in any way while caring for a child. That includes alcohol. Kids move way too fast and can do some stupid stuff that will get them injured. But that is based only on my own experience with drugs.

so there are my two cents, for whatever they are worth.
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It sucks that I don't feel comfortable talking about this subject in a public forum. I'd really like to. I wish we were all camping together and chatting around the fire.
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It's odd not having conversations in person, in privacy.
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Originally posted by mamapie
Lunar, some people insist that pot is, if not addictive, then habit forming. All addictive things illegal? What about caffeine? No more chocolate? No more tea? Etc etc
You are right, mamapie. I was going a little overbord there. :

I hate caffine, I have an extream sensitivety to it. In fact, yesterday a sipped my sister's mint mocha (mmmm) and I couldn't sleep until around 4am last night. (I'm usually in bed by at least 11pm.) Chocolate does the same thing to me, but man is it worth it! Anyway, I don't really think they should be illeagal - I just lost it there for a min.

Marijuana certainly is mentally, if not physically, addictive for some people. I have seen my share of people's live ruined by it.

I thought I shoudl clerify another thing I said. Dh was arrested last week because he forgot to renew the plates on his car, nothing serious.
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I think tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana all should be legal for adult consumption but restricted at approximately the level that alcohol is in Pennsylvania (one of the strictest U.S. states):
*Large quantities can be purchased only from a state-run store.
*Small quantities can be purchased from a larger but limited range of businesses and are sold from behind the counter or stored in locked cases. (For instance, you can get a 4-pack of wine coolers from a pizzeria. You should be able to buy tobacco and marijuana in a drugstore.)
*You're not allowed to use it in public, except at licensed establishments. (Marijuana should be sold in "coffeehouses" as in Amsterdam. I'd support prohibiting sales of mj and alcohol in the same establishment, to discourage people from getting too f*cked up.)
*There's an age limit, strictly enforced by those who sell.
*Being troublesomely intoxicated in a public place or DUI can get you arrested. (Neither of these applies to tobacco.)
*Purity and potency are monitored by the state; all additives are listed on the label; potency is labeled using a standardized system.

Also, Tigerchild is right on about switching the drinking age and driving age! The objection people always give me is that then parents would have to drive their teens to all their activities--so? It's an opportunity for conversation and keeping track of where the teen is!!

For tobacco, I think 18 is the right age limit because of the serious consequences of smoking for younger people--I know, it's not good for anyone, but it's worse for kids. I think I'd set it at 18 for mj too.

I don't support banning tobacco entirely, despite its harmfulness and yuckiness, because all that would do is make tobacco addicts into criminals. There are a lot of them, and I'm afraid of what would happen.

For currently-illegal drugs other than marijuana, I think the right approach is to decriminalize possession and adequately fund rehab (so that everyone who WANTS it can get it right away, which currently is not the case in the U.S.) but not make drugs widely available. Maybe you could get them by prescription, which would take care of most of the safety issues.

As for parenting, I don't think being mildly under the influence of a substance in the presence of kids is a problem, but it's best to have one totally sober adult around at all times just in case something goes wrong, esp if kids are little. My mom used to drink every evening while fixing dinner (it helped her back pain) but not to excess, and that was no problem. I do think it's unhealthy to expose kids to second-hand smoke of any kind.
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Wow. So I bet you get a lot done when you eat chocolate lunar. Sorry about your dh.
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I was an alomst daily pot smoker in my teens and early 20's. I enjoyed LSD and mushrooms (but only when in tandem w/ pot or not enough hallucinations) and mesculine.

The only time I didn't enjoy it was when I drank a bunch of beer and then smoked pot, ate some mushrooms (mixed w/ Smartfood, of course) and then took a tab of acid at Reggae Fest in Vermont. The whip it during the fireworks really wigged me out. I wouldn't even say it was a"bad trip".

That said, I stopped smoking cigs in '98. At that time, I was only an occasional pot smoker and a wine drinker (in moderation).

The few reasons I won't smoke pot:
1) I am a nursing mother
2)It is illegal. I fear getting arrested. I think pot should be legalized.
3)I don't want to take smoke into my lungs. A tray of pot brownies once in a blue moon would be good though.
4) I would not want to do it around my kids. Seeing that I am not a regular pot smoker, I am sure pot would hit me in a big way.

I don't know what my attitude towards drug and alcohol use will be when my kids are older.

The one time when I really miss pot is when it's a great day, I'm riding in the car w/ the windows rolled down, great music is playing, I am on a scenic road, and I'd just like to relax and smoke a joint and look out the window.
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Whip it? It has been a loooooong time since I've heard someone mention that .

For me: I tried a little bit of everything, periodically smoked a lot of pot, hash, particularly loved ludes (lemon 714s!) and coke. I abused alcohol big time. I used drugs to try and find some sort of ultimate experience, to connect with friends, but mostly to hide from pain. I sensed I could have become addicted, so I went through long periods of abstinence. Finally reached a point where I knew I had to examine that pain, or I'd have a lifetime of troubles, and I lost the desire to use anything about 10 years ago. And I've always been too athletic/active to embrace the whole lifestyle--which for me always seemed to include poor eating from munchies, sleeping till the afternoon, etc.

My husband has never, ever taken drugs, smoked a joint, anything! I would love to get him high.

As far as my children go--I'll know how to handle it when the time comes. I hope by that time I'll have helped them want to take care of themselves and make healthy choices (i.e.-everything in moderation and for the right reasons blah blah blah.) I'm more worried about booze than I am drugs--that's the killer in our family.
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arduinna, what you said about your mom was interesting - my mom, at about age 68, asked me to get her high! she knew i smoked and was ok w/it (yeah, like she had a choice - being totally addicted to percodan, valium and alcohol herself : )

it was too weird to think about being high w/my mom so i polietly declined... as far as my own child - well, i certainly don't think that when i choose to smoke again it will be in front of her... but i will let her know about my past when she's old enough and give her as much info. pro and con for her to make her own decisions...
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Steph, I wouldn't want to get high with my mom either. That would be too wierd. I think if my mom had asked me that (in the past when I was holding) I would have just handed her a joint and said have fun.

Funny story, when I was a teen I smoked my mom hash (found her stash and helped myself). I always wondered what she thought happened to it, never asked though.
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The first drug I ever tried (besides alcahol) was LSD. And I must say that the reason I had a burning desire to try it was because of the drug education part of health class in high school. According to our textbook, LSD would make you see music and taste colors as well as many other effects. After that day in class, I was obsessed with trying it. I finally did after high school while visiting some friends at college. I remember saying "holy Sht, why do people spend all that money to go to Disney land when they could just drop acid and have much more fun!" Although I must say that the info in the book was just not true, at least not for me, and I was always bitterly dissapointed that I never got to see music and taste colors.
As for pot, I had much fun in my using days. But after a while I approached it with a much different perspective and have had some truly profound metaphysical and spiritual insights while using it, and these insights have influenced my writing (and yes, I once wrote what turned out to be an award winning work while stoned). My very different experiences of pot has lead me to believe that what you take into the experience (psychologically, physically, emotionally etc) will effect what you get out of smoking pot.
Legalize it definatley. Well, come to think of it, why dictate what can and cannot be done by anyone, period?
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ok, I just have to ask. Anyone remember the book Go Ask Alice?? You know the anonymous diary of teen drug user. I can't even remember how many times I read that as a teen.
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I remember watching it in school as drug propaganda and having the completely opposite effect! I haven't thought about that in so long!

I miss partying sometimes. I do. I guess it is just a genetic thing...what can I say? Good thing I married S. to keep me on the straight and narrow. Probably one of my best decisions.

Isn't it funny how there are so many mdc rebels. Free Thinkers I guess you would call it. No wonder drugs are illegal.
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hash hot chocolate- yummmmy. I smoked pot regularly in my teens and early twenties. I also took E (ecstasy) and speed occasionally, but that is about the full extent of my exposure to drugs. I think pot should be legalised for sure- I can't see how it is any more harmful than alcohol.

I wouldn't smoke pot now as I am nursing and pregnant, but oh, how I long for a spliff some days!!
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