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Finding out the gender...

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So, will you be finding out? :

I'm planning on not finding out. It's going to take willpower. And lots of it, but we found out the other 2 times so I'd like to be different this time. And we have one of each already so we reeeeally don't have any preferance either way (hey, I'll totally admit that last time I was dying for a girl!).
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We will find out if possible, especially since I think it is a boy and I want to validate buying boy/gn diapers
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We are going to find out. I love that part of pregnancy!
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Oh yes, definitely so. I don't think I could wait 9 months...pluse I hate the color yellow and that's about all you get when you don't know!
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I have no will to wait
so yes we will find out, as long as the little peanut is willing to show us the goods!
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We didn't find out with the girls and certainly won't be finding out this time around either.

I think this is a wonderful suprise and I don't need to know until April. I save $$$ that way. I can't buy baby clothes because I don't know what to buy. Otherwise I would go overboard.
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We're going to wait too. I'm hoping no US this time, but even if we do have one for some reason, I'm going to not find out.

I think.

That's what I said the last two times.
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We polled the family and we are two for and two against. I have decided, for now, that I will challenge myself to not find out. Normally I am quite OC about everything, so to not know and have it a surprise will be good for me!
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We will be finding out. I love the excitement and surprise and midway through pregnancy is just the right time for such a wonderful surprise (to us)! Also, I love thinking of the babe as she or he.
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I am so so torn. We are 99% certain that this will be our last biological child and so I think the surprise would be cool. OTOH, we have 2 girls, we have no boy clothes, so if we are blessed with a boy child this time, he'd be mighty naked for a while before I feel like taking a preschooler, a toddle and a new born shopping. LOL
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We probably will. Part of me would like for it to be a surprise, but it would kill dh not to know!
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not planning on it. we didn't with our others and it is such a wonderful surprise. I like to have a girl and boy outifit available, and am happy with greens, blues (fine for a girl, imho), yellows, whites for the first weeks and soon enough get more specific clothes.

i was thinking about finding out with this one till my friend found out hers was a girl, made gorgeous pink dipes, etc. and welcomed her SON into the world last month. aaack! i'd rather it be a complete surprsie than a wrong us
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I want to be surprised this time. Just hope I can wait

We found out for the other three and I think it would be fun to find out at the birth
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I asked DH this just the other day to make sure we're on the same page. I don't want to find out. His response was, "You know I'm not into instant gratification. Of course I don't want or need to know before the baby is born!" Gotta love him! :
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Yes, and what is your hunch?

I will find out for sure... no ultrasound in early pregnancy but one around 20 weeks for gender, for sure!

Anyone have a 'hunch'? yet as to the gender? I'm thinking this might just be my girl. I have two sons already and I feel that this one is different. I knew with both the others they were boys.

With both my other babies I dreamed them sometime in the second trimester, and accurately predicted their gender and even general physical appearance and demeanor. I hope I get my baby dream soon with this one, as I'll put as much stock in that as I will an ultrasound.
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We found out with the first three. (The first two I didn't even consider the option of not finding out!) With the third, though, I realized it would be neat to experience the surprise, but caved. With my fourth, I didn't have the urge to know at all! Wierd for me, but I had no desire at all...I really wanted to be surprised! I expected him to be a girl, just because then our family would be "even". But had dreams about a boy and read all these birth stories about someone expecting one sex and being totally surprised with the other, and I thought "I wonder if someone is trying to tell me something?!" LOL

This time, I don't have a preference for myself, either would be equally as fine with me. But my daughter would LOVE to have a sister! So we hope its a girl for her. She only asks every day when I am going to get pregnant with her sister! (The kids don't know yet!)

I don't want to find out, but depending on her reaction/thoughts it might be beneficial to find out so she can be prepared! But she does enjoy the surprise...

As for finding out, all that babbling for a big fat I don't know!
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