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Depressed soft spot

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LOL sounds like a clinical term. "Zo, tell me what is troubling you, soft spot..." On to the question:

I've noticed that Zoe's fontenel sometimes sinks in--I feed her on demand so I don't know if perhaps the water content of my milk is lacking (as in I'm dehydrated) and she is not getting enough fluids? She is gaining weight very well and my supply seems okay, although my breasts have only been engorged once or twice. I have good letdown (sometimes more than once a session) and can pump about 4 ozs in 10 minutes--I don't think my supply is an issue...

Zoe 2-5-03 (seven weeks old on Wednesday!)
Violet 7-14-00

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My dd had it a lot. We could also always see the heartbeat there, sometimes shockingly clearly. Dehydration would show on the skin of hte hands (if you can pull up a fold and it doesn't go back rightaway) and stuff, the ped told us that the soft spot alone is not a good indication. I tend to always be a bit dehydrated, though I average a gallon of H2O per day. I guess dd is the same. Unless she shows other signs of dehydration, or signs of distress, I wouldn't worry.
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A little sinking is okay, especially if you have a big fontanel. My ds had a big fontanel and his always was a bit depressed. A really sunken fontanel from dehydration looks like a big crater. I know this because ds got dehydrated at 4 months from tummy virus and it was REALLY obvious. That and they don't cry tears and their pee is barely there. My dd who is 8 weeks hardly even has a fontanel to speak of. We were just talking about this last night how different they are. LOL

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