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Couple things:

On eye drops...the goop can clog their already delicate tear dd had eye problems and was on prescription drops for 2 wks or so. She was also on prescription nose drops so she could breathe since they suctioned her so hard her nose swelled shut. UGH...yes, I will have a homebirth thank you very much!

On birthplans. One way to get them to REALLY LISTEN to what you want is not the 'birth plan' but the CONTRACT they have you sign. Get a red pen--and go thru that hospital contract with a fine toothed comb days, heck WEEKS, before your due date, and line thru things, add things, etc. It is a legally binding contract, so if you line thru the eyedrops, and they do it anyways, theycan be sued.
Again--thank GOD I don't have to worry--I'm having a homebirth! I will still do that just in case I get transfered for any reason!

I am shooting for a homebirth too but I very much appreciate this advice, hopefully I won't need it... will pass it on to my sister, attempting VBAC.