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Storing lard

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On Tuesday I'm getting some lard from my farmer. Where and in what do you store yours?
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I have tallow (beef fat) and not lard. I just store it in a jar on the counter or in the pantry. Never had a problem with it.
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We store our lard in the fridge/freezer. I have also had beef tallow, and it seems to keep fine at room temp, but I have had lard go rancid at room temp for too long. You can tell it is rancid, because it reeks really bad. lol
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I keep lard/chicken fat in the freezer.
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Lard is supposed to last a year at room temperature and two years in the fridge. I think if it's not very well rendered and has trace bits of food in it and/or the room is extremely hot as like 90 something degrees for awhile, it can go rancid quicker. The freezer should preserve it even longer. I keep mine in the fridge.
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If you are getting alot, you can store it long-term in the freezer. Otherwise, it's fine at room temp. in a cabinet or something. This is how my mom has used it for years (like 40 years, and no one has gotten sick yet!).
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We always kept ours in the buckets it came in in the freezer, with the one we were using in the fridge.
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Mine came in plastic. Should I transfer it to a ceramic crock?
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