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My Giant Baby! - Page 2

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Congratulations on your baby! Way to show 'em how it's done!
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Congrats, Hilary!! That is some big little guy. Welcome to the world, Tobias!
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Wow, congrats mama on your "big" little babe and welcome Tobias!
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Congratulations! That sounds like a great story you'll have to tell!
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Congratulations, and a big welcome for a big guy!
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:Congratulations! And welcome Tobias! :
Hilary, I am so happy for you! And I just love the name Tobias.
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Congratulations Hilary!!! Great name! It will sound awesome with his big brother's name too.
Can't wait to read your story and thanks for the inspiration.


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congrats and way to go on the big boy

welcome to the world Tobias

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Congrats on Tobias' arrival, and educating the world around you at the same time! (the nurse at my hospital looked at me like I had two heads when I didn't want ds bathed..)
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