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meli-i'm right here with you on this one. now that ds walks everything is strewn throughout the house:

water intake-i drink tons, dh makes bottled water and we get it for free i'm trying coffee right now. see, i quit drinking it when i got pg, 12 weeks later the headaches start. perhaps my body was finally rid of the caffine? so, i'm trying just my one cup in the a.m. to see if it helps any. one cuppa can't hurt...right?

oy. i'm off to school. i'll post more later about poor ds and his head wonking incidents yesterday:
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Hello, Ladies!

Thanks, Mamita, for the email letting me know where you all had gone. I can't believe that this is the 2nd thread on the toddler board. I'm sure I've missed tons. DS is waiting for his breakfast so I've gotta make this short.

First a question: can a HPT that says it expired in Nov 2005 give you a false positive? I tried ept's website and it's no help, so I called the phone number and it's less help. I think the "yes" was right tho... how else to explain 24-hour-a-day nausea? So, my biggest news is that we are a strong maybe for being pg again. Oh, and DH says we should tell no one IRL until we hear the heartbeat. I can't do that again. (In fact, I wasn't able to do it the first time.) I had to tell someone! I guess you'll be seeing more of me since you are the only people I can talk to about it.

DS is doing well, and so am I. I went thru a funk and I think one of the causes of the funk was that when I curtailed my 'puter time I felt that I didn't have time to keep up with you all. Bad move. I still should have checked in. Reading about what your babies are doing helps me to get a better grip on where DS is as far as if he's doing something that other babies are doing or if maybe what's happening is a Down syndrome thing. It really kept my head on straight. I shouldn't have given that up.

Are we still calling them babies? I know I am.

We went on vacation to MT (finally). We had to skip last year because DS hadn't had his surgery yet, so this is the first time we've been back since the wedding. (We think that was the good luck for getting pg, too.) DS did great, slept in another room (for the first time) and didn't hate being stuck in his car seat for the long drive. We kept telling him that we were "home" whether it was a hotel or our cabin when we got him out of the car seat at the end of a day. I was thinking that he would at least understand that we weren't going to stick him back in it that night. But when we really were home he made it clear he knew the difference. I said "We're home!" and he looked around and immediately began babbling in a brand new way. It was like he had a whole vocab of babbles that he was saving up and just busted out with them all at once!

He still isn't doing what I would call an official crawl, but he gets around fast. He's doing more of a butt scoot. Sometimes in circles when he can't decide which direction to go. My cousin and I are going to start getting our kids together more now that we are back (her DS is almost 7 months old) and that should help. DS has always changed the way he's mobile after watching his cousin's way of getting around.

So that's my story. Any tips on the expired ept would be appreciated.
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Kathleen, so glad to hear from you again, and that you had a pleasant vacation! No advice on the hpt, unfortunately - other than buy a fresh one and try again I'll offer some tentative congrats tho!
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: you're back! go buy a new test and re-test!!! i think the result should be the same. lots of babies!
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Originally Posted by ex-stasis
yay anne! and yay me?

ok, yeah, i'm excited. i'm having another May baby!
Congratulations!!!!! I'm excited for you!
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Kathleen!!!! I've been wondering where in the world you are!!! Don't cut yourself off. I had a four month hiatus where I had no internet access....It was awful , I felt so alone.

And go pee on a stick right now!!!
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Originally Posted by anabellee
yay grace! i'm glad you still exist. good luck on your house....ours still has no interest.:

i'm having unbearable headaches...dh says "it's not a tumor". i think the baby may be growing in my head:
Once you are out of the first trimester nausea, you can get headaches.

Go for the extra water.
Take 2 tylenol with a can of coke. the combo of tylenol and caffeine might do the trick.

So maybe be found out who is next....

Welcome back Kathleen! I'm glad you only posted a "short post"!
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yay Kathleen! welocme back, we've all missed your funny poop updates

as for my headaches, i do drink tons of water. the coffee this morning has done the trick: so far, so good.

on to ds' poor head. yestreday at dc he fell over on his truck and bruised his cheek. while chasing our cat last night he stood up directly under the table and dh and i were certain he split his head open...nope, not a scratch and he LAUGHED and kept chasing. then, last night at the park, he looses his balance and topples head first into a metal pole, again, no crying, just gets up and keeps chasing the little girl that was there. *sigh* thankfully arnica has kept the bruising at bay. dh says we need to get him a helmet
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geez anne...our dd was like that. she was forever walking straight into doorframes!!! her one year pictures have a huge goose egg on her forehead , but i covered it with makeup!!
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geez anne...our dd was like that. she was forever walking straight into doorframes!!! her one year pictures have a huge goose egg on her forehead , but i covered it with makeup!!

glad i'm not the only one. we haven't resorted to make up yet but he was wearing a hat in his 12 mth pics!
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Hey, Kathleen, sounds good!

All you pg ladies are "priming my pump" which sounds kind of gross ... I just mean you're getting me fired up to give it the old college try. I think my fertile time wil be next weekend when we are at Shelter Island so we're going to try to sneak away and dtd. Our hosts always refer to us as "you two lovebirds" so I'm sure they'll do what they can to facilitate some time alone for us

I am so procrastinating -- Danny finally took a nap at 4:00 and I need to wake him up and don't want to since he's been making me so crazy all day. And need to finish packing -- the boys' clothes are done, now I need to work on "busy bags" for the car.

We leave tomorrow morning and won't be back 'til Labor Day ... I doubt that I'll have any computer access during that time. I'll miss you all!
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All you pg ladies are "priming my pump" which sounds kind of gross ...

Have fun at Shelter Island!
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Originally Posted by fuzzypeach

Have fun at Shelter Island!
Have fun, Meli! I'm off too... I'll be gone for the next two weeks, probably also without internet access. Take care everyone!
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all you vacationers make me jealous. we're "back to the grind" as they say. : not much fun.
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yep...no vaca here, unlesss you count going back to the ole hometown to throw a party for dd's third birthday.

then its back here.
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what i hate about "vacations home" is that we're so busy rinning around trying to see everyone and it's more stressful and messed up then day to day life.
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SA: nice with visit, i think i remeber when you when to visit her last year? safety in number i say!

anne: its always hard when we dont get to share all the moments with our kids. i try to think that for me going to work helps my family in others ways, and not compare my self to others, and no thinking what if! but i understand totally that feeling.

selena!: i just saw your siggy!!!! congrats, im SOO happy for you. as for you friend, when i see cases like that, i feel bad for the family, but also anger at how normal it is, what an uphill struggle it is to show any other way of birthing / parenting.

fey: oh i would love to see the progress on the book, sounds really nice.

peru michelle: are you going to change Luis's name, his last name?? (ok, now read your response, i love esteban

michelle: congrats on the ceasing of vomitting, that is so nasty about dehydrati

melissa: thats SO sad about soccer practise, i just dont get parents like that...they dont understand the impact (negative) they make on their kids - and on ours by creating compeition as the most important factor of life.
and danny and Louis are on the same wavelength, he is a monster, can climb on the kitchen table in 0.2 sec, rips everything out of every draw, unplugs everything
mcs: i would encourage, even use all the arguments that because she is on her own, these first weeks of fustration will make the next year SOO much easier without formula, and bottles...and all the foolishness. i know i kept BFing cause i had 'pressure' to do so with matty, and it was the best thing that i ever did (in the feeding department haha)

baby fever

kathleen, glad your back!!! and so excitied, have tested again?

im in the back to the real world club, and both kids are doing good at daycare, work is good, so pretty boring , in a good way
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on vaca myself, only have a minute!! yay kathleen! So have you tested again?!?
miss everyone, we're at the inlaws...going okay. Samantha rode a horse for the first time (not a pony ride, an honest horseback ride through wooded trails in the Kentucky hills!) and went exploring caves, and also went fishing for the very first time AND caught two fish yesterday. She is having a great time!
I'm having a decent time, you know how it is....
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yea for vacations!

Claire was concieved in Paris. Ellysia was concieved at a conference that I was able to bring DH to in Kansas City.

I think Shelter Island will be a fun time!
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I just got back from doing some christmas shopping, and then took a nap, woohoo!!
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