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what?? page TWO??? Where is every one??

And woohoo! I got an older lady to show me how to knit at a baby fair! now i gotta g otry!
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What's the best book out there for knitting newbies? I'm determined to try it this year!
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kat's mommy: glad to hear that daycare is going better. af has come and now gone again. Are you hinting that you haven't had one? What is your nursing schedule like?

Claire: less of a temp today. No puking today. She definitely has less energy than usual. DH is still sleeping from his cold. He has tomorrow to sleep and them I'm back to work. Maybe we'll see if the neighbor girl could come over for a couple of hours to give him a break on Monday.
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No AF for me, either...not sure if that's Mirena related or nursing related. Cully nurses about the same as Sam did at this age and I didn't get it back with her til she was about 18 months, IIRC.
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AF came yesterday for me. Oh well. At least this way I can drink mojitos while we're on vacation next week!

Kat's Mommy, I can't recommend a knitting book but I can advise you to do what I did, which is to go to a book store and sit down and flip through several. I find it very difficult to learn from diagrams in a book, so I spent time looking to see which way of drawing and explanation made the most sense to me. I wound up with "Crocheting for Dummies" which seems so banal, but it was the best for me! I'm hoping to graduate to some much cooler books for patterns when I really get going.

Also, I read "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" but I borrowed mine from an LLL library -- don't see the need to really own it. But well worth reading.

It's kind of quiet and rainy here. Off to church tomorrow to show my face and hold my head high after last week's performance ... and am hoping to meet Mamita after that. Fingers crossed!
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I'm nursing Kat in the morning, when I return from work, and all night (if needed), and of course, anytime on the weekends. She still wakes up 2-4 times per night, and I usually end up nursing her back to sleep.

Good idea about checking out different knitting books. I've only been able to cast on...then I get lost and confused : My goal this year is to do something productive.

What's the difference between crocheting and knitting?

Hopefully we will be checking out the jazz festival tomorrow...here's hoping for good weather because it's supposed to be :
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oooh Melissa! in a couple of weeks: it'll be O time! I'm just here to corrupt you and make you think having 3 kids is a good idea.
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Three kids is not my idea of a good time. Atleast not at the ages mine are at. I think if I do have another I will space them more that Ali and Nolan are spaced!:

My daughter had her open house at SCHOOL!!!!! I have to put her on a bus starting on the 30th. I sure wish I had a car because I would transport. The bus makes me nervous!

Well Nolan is getting all emotional got to go hope all is well!
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Kat'smommy, that's exactly how we nurse. In the morning when we wake up, after work, and then whenever else she wants it till the morning.

Re: crocheting vs knitting. I'm pretty proficient at crocheting. I know the basics of knitting but I really jsut do not enjoy it, so I never got further than the basics. I can crochet just about anything, though. The major difference is that with knitting, you use two needles, but in crocheting, you use one hook. It was just easier for me to pick up crocheting, but I know a lot of people who prefer to knit. It's all a personal preference, like everything else.

I'm on my third or fourth post partum AF as we speak. is WAY different than before having a baby. First off, I have an average of a 34 day cycle, as opposed to my 28-29 day cycle prenatally. I'm also totally wiped out the first day. NO energy whatsoever. Yesterday was cd1 and I made DH take Joey with him to his parents house all day so I could relax, clean a bit, and relax some more. In a little while, I'm going to ask him to take her outside and play with her so I can relax some more. Although, right now, she's playing in her toy room all by herself quite nicely.

A family of Canadian geese has adopted the yard next to my house. I can watch them out my living room window. Geese are such good parents.
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i can crochet like the wind, but am just starting the knitting. i cant wait to try now that i know how.
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Thanks for the encouragement, Michelle! I am getting geared up to do the nasty as often as possible this month without watching the calendar TOO much....

Sharon Anne, I had the same experience with AF but things seem to be settling down now. The first couple were terrible, I was so wiped out. Now it's just the regular hoo-ha, though my flow is heavier than it used to be and my cycles are also longer and a bit more variable.

Gotta run downstairs and pick up because .... Mamita is coming!!
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uuggghhh! vomiting is kicking my ----! I want my zofran!
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awww..poor girl. i LOVED zofran with dd...its the only way i could survive and work. its awesome stuff!
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help me out here..

i just had a weird thing happen tonight...i got an error message about yahoo messenger, then it crashed...as in, yahoo was gone from my toolbar, gone from my computer in general, andi had to reinstall it.

someone told me that i got hacked....is that true?!:
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bama- i don't know about hacking- sounds pretty weird though.

melissa- take pictures of michelle and louis! and, of course, have a good time. hope it went well at church this morning.

katsmom- i don't think i have seen pictures of kat- she is really beautiful. a great choice for her first dress too.

michelle sd- hope you feel better (and dh and claire.) how does the zofran work- do you have to wait to take it for a reason or do you just not have the prescription yet? what happened with "the hair cut"? did you get it fixed?

af- i have just had one. it was short and not too heavy which is how i have always been- i am curious to see how it goes from here.

we had a yard sale yesterday and today. it was hard work! eisa only took a 1/2 hour nap yesterday and the same today. now, she fell asleep at seven in her clothes (usually, we start bed time at nine and end at ten) i am afraid to wake her with a diaper change, but i know that she realllllly needs to have a night time diaper on. i just hope that she doesn't wake up and stay up. she has never gone to bed before nine.

i just realised that hilgers dad and sister will come in on thursday and that i really need to start packing the house up. ugg. i like his family a lot, but the last time i saw his sister was for our wedding and i feel like she always sees me at the height of stress. also, she and my mom don't get along too well and my parents are coming to help with the move too. we'll see how this all goes.

well, that is that. goodnight,
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good morning!! Where is everyone??
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yea, where is everyone? how am i supposed to avoid packing?
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At my second job. bleah. Spent all weekend sick with a fever and sore throat. So tired today. Am getting ready to implement the Dr Jay Gordon night weaning plan--must get to sleep for more than four hours a night...!!

No Af here yet. Can't decide if that's good or bad.
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Charlotte!! Where are you now?? Last I heard ,you were moving to rome Ga....?
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I really enjoyed Mamita's visit -- she is just as lovely, interesting and smart as you would expect. Here we are:


And dh took this picture, telling us to say, "June moms rule!"


Quiet here today. I'm feeling drained -- I think it's the after effects of AF leaving town again, not getting enough sleep (Danny has a runny nose and is not sleeping well), feeling disappointed about my new hair cut (it looks limp), and feeling anxious about our vacation, and not eating particularly well lately. I am totally unprepared and we leave Saturday!
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