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Students, what does your fall schedule look like?

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Mine : is still not established.

I have Chem @9, 10 and 11 open, I'm either taking Spanish or Animal Histology (class may be cancelled.) Lifespan Physch. at 12 and A and P II at 1. I have a and p lab on Tuesdays.

The good thing about this schedule is I have no labs or classes that take place after my children come home from school. I have 2 DS's in football and one who is just starting middle school, so I think being there when they're out is a very good thing this semester.
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I'm only taking 5 classes this semster: eng102(finally), mat151, psy240(dev.), spa101(everyone says im a hypocrite for it but i need a language) and cis105. Luckily these were all offered online this sem. b/c I'm out of town still and I'm due right after finals so just to be on the safe side I didn't want to take any on campus classes. With my luck I'd go into labor during a final
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Personally, I cannot handle five classes at a time, I don't get the "only"!! Five classes is terrific.
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Yea I guees you're right-5 classes is average for a full time student. but I figure I might as well get as many classes in now and next semester while the baby is lil. But once I have to go back 'on campus' I'll prob. take less otherwise I'll end up : and won't be able to give my child all the attention he/she deserves.
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I am getting off lucky...

Mons and Thurs 830a-1130a - Pscyh & biology
Tues and Weds 8a-2p - Practical and Clinical Skills
Fri 930a-330p - Professional development and some other nursing course which i can't figure out.

I am going for another exemption so I may have Mondays off completely... as of right now i got 15credit hrs... but im trying to cut it down to 12...
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My schedule looks like this:

8 : English 101 :
9 : waitlisted for Engineering Ethics
10 : open
11 : Physics for Engineers I
12-2 : Computer Methods in Engineering Problem Solving (M only)

8-9:30 : Gender in Society
9:30-11 : Physics lab
11-12:30 : open
12:30-2 : Women's Health

It's a total of 14 or 17 credits, depending on if I get into my waitlisted course or not.
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Originally Posted by seraone

ConfusedPrincess:[/B] what school do you attend? I go to MATC-Milwaukee and love how many classes they offer online, but I noticed you are taking online classes as well. I'm always looking at different schools online programs to see if they offer anything new and interesting that my school doesn't.

I'm finishing up my first 40 credits at MCC in Phoenix-it's a very large community college with students from all over- before I can transfer to ASU(b/c I was homeschooled and didn't take SAT or ACT). They offer a good amount of classes online but not all that I need which is why I'm transferring early. I knew a girl who went to ASU and took a lot of her classes online -only b/c she was lazy
What is your major? I know University of Phoenix has great online programs..but some of them require you to physically be in Phoenix...
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3 classes are full-time for us. That is 5 credits each!

I have a great schedule this next quarter and two of my very favorite teachers!!

8:26-9:50 English 102
10-11:24 Cultural Anthro
11:30-12:54 Pacific Northwest and Washington State History

I'll meet my dh on M and W right after my last class so he can go to his Photography class.

Our boys start school on the 6th and we don't start till the 18th. It's such a long break. We are going to let our niece and nephew housesit for us the rest of this month, so we can take a mini-vacation on Vashon. I'm so excited!!
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I am a midwifery student in Canada, and I am having a baby in late September! : Luckily, in my program, I am able to bring babe with me to class (in sling)! I took a course called Female Sexualities this summer (3 credits) so that I would only need to take 4 instead of the 5 next semester. I am done the academic part of my program at Christmastime, and then I need to go on to clinical placements! My schedule is:

Monday: 6:30-9:30 Critical Appraisal of Research Literature

Tuesday: 9:00-10:30 Pharmacology, 11:30-1:00 Reproduction and Mothering, 1:00-2:30 Reproductive Physiology

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Am I being crazy thinking I can swing this? I feel so confident since the classes are good and the schedule's not too hectic, but I need to remind myself that not every baby is like my last daughter (super-content, quiet, round-the-clock nursing/sleeping for 3 mos), and I may be in for a not-so-pleasant surprise! :
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Right now, I only have:

Anatomy & Phys. II w/ lab (online)
Oral Communication (online)
Human Growth and Development (night class)

I was signed up for Microbiology and the lab, but the friend who was going to be keeping DS fell through to put it nicely. : It is only offered one night a week and only on the main campus of my school, which is about 20 minutes' drive each way. DH doesn't get off in time to keep DS that night, so yeah.

I need to figure out another class to take (although Micro is the only class I need before clinicals!!) to keep full time status. :

When do you all start back? Today is the official start of our semester, but I don't have a Tuesday class now so I'll start tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by seraone
I'm getting my AAS in Surgical Technology. (I'd really like to be a Surgical 1st Assist), .
That sounds interesting..does that mean you'll be involved in surgeries? When I get to med school I want to focus on surgery- I find it so fascinating.
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Ugh. I gotta go to school again???? <insert large whine>

I just finished an accelerated Anatomy & Physiology II class. Had to learn the entire course (2 classes actually, lecture and lab) in 23 days.
Can anyone say "stress?!"

This semester I have to take 18 credit hours.
Mon- 8-11am -Pharmacology II- Lecture
11-12noon - lunch
12noon-2pm - Intro to Health Deviations (nursing II) Lab

Tues- 1:30p-7:30p - Hospital Clinicals

Wed- 12noon-9p - Childbearing Family - Lecture

Thursday- 1:30p-7:30p - Hospital Clincals

Friday- 8-11am -Pharmacology II - Lab
11-12noon -lunch
12noon-3p -Intro to Health Deviations (nursing II) - Lecture

Plus two online courses : Mental Health for Nurses
Developmental Psychology (psych 2)

I start in a couple of days and STILL don't have afterschool childcare for my two younger dd. AND my financial aid is screwed up and I dont have any books yet....:
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I'm actually at midterms right now... Trimester ends in mid-October, next tri starts Oct 31. : So... I'll list both...

Right now:
7:30am: M Legal Issues
- 9:15 T Gender Disorders
W Special Topics: Soft Tissue Radiography
F Gender Lab
9:15am -11:10: M-F Clinic I
11:10 - 12:55: M-F Clinical Case Correlations I
1:00 - 2:45: T, TH Philosophy in Practice
2:50 - 3:45: T, TH Financial Management
3:00 - 8:00 M-F Pateint care as scheduled
For a total of 31 semester hours. :

Next Trimester:
7:30am - 9:15: M Regulatory Issues
T Philosophy VI
Th Evidence Based Chiropractic
9:15am -11:10: M-F Clinic II
11:10 - 12:55: M-F Clinical Case Correlations II
1:00 - 1:50: M,W Practice Management
T Geriatrics
3:00 - 8:00 M-F Pateint care as scheduled
For a total of 29 semester hours (but I'll probably be taking 2 electives, bringing the total to 37 hours).

I understand childcare issues - ds just started kindergarten (after school program doesn't start until September), and dd is at a center (had a friend watching her, but it didn't work out )
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I am in the Human Services program at University of Phoenix, so I only take one class at a time. I love it, so far, because I am really good at hyperfocusing, and you only have 5 weeks of a class before you move on to the next. Right now I'm in Communication for the Human Services Professional and next up is Models of Helping.
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I'm starting grad school today, after 8+ years out of school. I'm only taking 12 hours, but everyone in my program is telling me that that's too much for my first semester (9 is fulltime), especially since I'll be working some and being a single homeschooling mom to Rain. I guess we'll see... I was signed up for 9 hours, and then a spot came open in a lass that had been full since May and I grabbed it, because I really wanted to take the class.

9-11:30 Current Archaeology
1-1:50 The Anthropology of Violence

9:30-12:00 Current Biological Anthropology
4:00-5:15 Intro to Medical Anthropology

1-1:50 The Anthropology of Violence

4-5:515 Intro to Medical Anthropology

1-1:50 The Anthropology of Violence

Everyone gets one guess as to what department I'm in...

Oh, and I had to buy 19 books! And the Bio Anth class had no required books, so it was really 19 books for 3 classes!

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Intro to Paralegalism, Legal Research, and Legal Terminology. Those classes I am taking online. I am taking a math class as well. My math stinks and so I need 2 prep courses to get me up to where I need to be for my degree.

The last time I was in college was in 1989. I feel so old. I will be getting my associate degree and be able to take the national certification test for Paralegals. They don't offer a Bachelor's, but I think I can get it elsewhere.

Wow, some of you are in Grad school. I am envious.
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I am just NOT ready for school to start! I don't know why but I just feel so overwhelmed this semester alread and school hasn't even started. We are also looking to buy a house which isn't much fun, I hate packing and cleaning out.

OK here is my schedual:

Mon: Adult Med/Surg lecture 9-11am
Med/Surg Clinical 3-7p

Tues:Physical Assessment and Lab 8-11am
Med/Surg Clinical 3-11p

Wed and Thurs OFF- whooo hoooo! LOL

Fri: Concept 8-11am
Psych/Mental Health 12-2p

Not too bad really, what is a pain is my dh is also a full time student and we homeschool the girls so we are just always so busy.

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More power to the moms going to school on campus!!! I take my classes online. I'm taking World History, Cultural Geography, Juvenile Deliquency, and Contemporary Mathematics.
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Originally Posted by MrsCorell
More power to the moms going to school on campus!!! I take my classes online. I'm taking World History, Cultural Geography, Juvenile Deliquency, and Contemporary Mathematics.
Sorry that my doctor *recommended* I go online b/c I'm due in December. i think I'm just as hard a worker as the moms going to school on campus
Oh how I wish I could go on campus..it's so much more stimulating...
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I'm slated to deliver our 4th child 3-4 weeks after classes start. So I'm taking all online classes, and I'm taking Survey of Film, and Us Fed. Gov. Neither of which should be taxing for me.
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