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Where moving to Adams Co. (probably Friendship) in August. Not seeing a whole lot of Central WI moms. I don't post here a bunch. I'm more active on thebabywearer.com under the same username if you are around there.
I see a lot of moms from Sheboygan. My ILs are there and I'm sure we'll visit a lot.
Anyway when we move I become the SAHM right now I work and DH stays home. I'd love to meet some other mamas.
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Hi! I'm in southwest Madison, no children yet, but pregnant.

Anyone have any great recommendations on what/who to consider when looking for childcare? I can't believe how early you have to get on a waiting list if you want childcare here!

I'm also curious to know about other "mom and dad" sorts of groups and stuff out there for people with babies.

Does anyone know if the YMCA will do infant childcare while you work out?
Where else besides Happy Bambino can I find liberal parents (I'm not always committed to all natural or all organic or anything, but want to incorporate those things, non-violence, enriching education, creative outlets, etc. into my parenting when possible)?


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Just moved to La Crosse.
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Hello! I am a single mama of a 9 month old boy in LaCrosse! I am looking for some like minded friends!
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Black Earth
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Thiensville (just north of Milwaukee) as of 11/1. Would love to know about holistic stuff happening and meet some friends. A little nervous about arriving at the start of the winter.
Is there a Holistic Moms Network chapter?

Anyone know of a place to take mommy and me yoga (and yoga in general)?
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Originally Posted by RubyOrganique View Post
Is there a Holistic Moms Network chapter?
A friend of mine is thinking about starting one in the area. I can let you know if it pans out if you would like.
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I'm in Clinton, by Beloit.

Looking for some momma to play with! PM me!
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I am in Brillion
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Prairie du Sac
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Manitowoc here!
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(with ties to the Chippewa Valley, Fox Valley, and Madison...)
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Sheboygan, WI for the past 4 months -- Fond du Lac, WI prior to that
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Just moved to Lake Mills from Madison...would love to find some fun/like-minded mamas out here! Send me a message if you're interested in connecting!
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Eau Claire
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City of Milwaukee here!
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I'm from Grafton, looking to buy a house in Cedarburg right now. I'm new to this community (joined when I was pregnant with my 17 month old but never really used it and we're now TTC #2!!) and would love to meet other moms in the area!
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Hi Alyssa. I grew up in Grafton. Your name sounds familiar to me.
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We just moved from Portland OR to Madison in January and we're looking for people to connect with. I'm a homebirth midwife taking time off to take care of my daughter who is 1. Please PM me if you are interested in getting together...I'm getting a bit of cabin fever (I'm not above bribing people with food).
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