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hi i thought i'd introduce myself
i'm shaina i just moved to madison from colorado. i'm 21 not a mom yet, i'm going to school to become a midwife, i do alot of babysitting. and photography not a whole lot else, i'm looking to connect with anyone involved with any of that
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I live/work in Green Bay; DH works in Milwaukee. We commute between two houses, which are both up for sale and not moving quickly enough. Hoping to relocate north of Milwaukee, maybe as far as Sheboygan. We're both teachers, so schools are really important to us (to work in and for our DS and future LOs). Any advice on good districts or ones to avoid between Milwaukee and Sheboygan? THANKS!
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HERE! Madison, WI
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De pere
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Originally Posted by sunfish21 View Post
Eau Claire
Hey, not too many in our area. I'm near Menomonie. Funny we're both Sunnies.
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We're moving near Wausau the beginning of June!
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Moving to Stevens Point this summer. Would love suggestions for pediatricians in the area.
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I'm moving to Milwaukee (Bayview) at the end of the month and I'm definitely looking for some like minded mom friends.
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Brand spanking new to Madison area...in temp living and searching for just the right hunk of land.
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I'm in Mukwonago and I work in Waukesha. I'ce lived here about a year so I still feel like a bit of a newcomer.
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Just moved to Stoughton this past week. I'd love to meet up with other moms for a walk or play groups!
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Milwaukee area- Hales Corners
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I'm so homesick for Wisconsin... I'm originally from Middleton but husband's job takes us away

We are going back for a week or two this weekend though! Man I wish I could be in this tribe though
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Ashland - Hurley

Technically, we live in Ironwood, MI, across the river from Hurley (in the northeastern part of Wisconsin). We are planning a move to the Ashland area which is only about 45 min. away from Ironwood. Looking for a place with a bit of s p a c e!
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madison here!
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I live about 20 minutes south of Madison, in Edgerton.
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Stevens Point!
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Salem, WI here!

Also, I work full time and none of the local LLL have been able to accomodate a meeting after work or on the weekends. Plus the playgroup I joined only does things during working hours as well. I'm struggling to find local mamas who are APer's like I am or that are more welcoming to my parenting ways (cloth diapering, babywearing, bedsharing, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, etc.). If anyone local knows a good group of mamas let me know or if you just want to chat It's lonely around here with no buddies!
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I haven't read through the entire thread (first/last page) but wanted to chime in.

Originally Posted by karimac View Post
I live about 20 minutes south of Madison, in Edgerton.
I'm in Edgerton too!

But I'm from Madison, I work in Madison, the kids are in Madison schools and we hope to move back to Madison as soon as the housing market turns.
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