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You mamas are so inspiring, I read everyday vowing to go home from work and organize something! Unfortunately, I get home, play with the kiddos, eat, clean up and crash!!

So this weekend, I got a bug and Saturday afternoon completely dumped out all the boys toys on the playroom floor, and using my cool new organizers (From The Container Store, gosh I love that place!) I separated, organized, trashed and Goodwilled everything and now the playroom looks awesome!! The boys are actually playing with things they havent played with in ages!!!

The chi is happy, I am happy, dh likes it, life is good!

I cleaned out my closet last week and have a huge bag of clothes for Goodwill, and now I can get dressed in the morning and know where everything is, what a wonderful feeling!!! I had done the boys clothes a few weeks ago, man they have a lot! Trying to get ready for my ds1 to start school in a month (Organizing things so he can get dressed before he even comes downstairs is the goal)

You all are so inspiring!!! Cant wait to tacke the kitchen!!:
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Congrats you on your success!
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Congratulations! That's such a great feeling.
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