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I have no idea where to post this... so I thought I would try here...

We are going to put new carpet in our home (I have white now, from before we thought about kids... : ) but when I was on another board, granted, a much more mainstream board, I heard that hardwood is better for kids because its doesn't hold as much dust and stuff like that...

Any thoughts??? I was thinking about the pros and cons... but I'm biased since I like the color of the carpet I found.. but, the health of the kiddo is much more important.
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Carpet is cheaper and softer, but yeah would hold more dirt and stuff. At some point I want to rip out all the carpet in our house and put in bamboo flooring, but then I hate the color of our carpet.
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Yes, hard floored surfaces, be it wood or tile, is recommended for asthma/allergies b/c it is more easily cleaned of allergens.
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I just have to add here eventhough I've never posted in this forum. When we bought our house we had our hardwood floors covered with carpet because we thought it would be better for the kids when they fell. Worst mistake ever. I was so worried about anything being spilled on it b/c we had just paid all this money for it! Now it looks horrible after all the potty training and other childhood sickness. Wood floors really are so much eaiser to clean. I could really kick myself for getting carpet.
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