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Give it to me straight ladies

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I posted something similar in my DDC, but I thought I would take this straight to the experts. I have been participating in a twin pregnacy forum on another board. Most of the posters are nearing the end of their pregnancies (34-36 weeks), and they are miserable! Even those that were healthy a month ago are falling apart physically. They are BEGGING to have a c-section or induction just to get some relief physically. I am getting worried for the next few weeks. I feel much better than I thought I would. I do have pubic bone pain, and it is getting hard to breathe sometimes, but I can't imagine the extreme swelling, leg pain, crippling back pain, high blood pressure ect..
I REALLY want to make it another 7 weeks at least (I am 30 1/2 weeks today) but I am having doubts, especially after my bout with preterm labor last week. What was your experience at the end of your pregnacy? Did you have these kinds of extreme discomforts? How did you cope in order to make it those last few weeks? Any words of advice? (other than staying away from the other board, I am already going to do that.) Thanks for your wisdom ladies.
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I was so uncomfortable I could hardly stand it. I really stopped sleeping at around 32 weeks and was so tired all the time. Standing, sitting, laying down hurt, it just plain hurt no matter what I did. The only time I was comfortable was when I was in the pool.

How did I tough it out? Well I only made it to 36 weeks but my goal was to avoid the nicu again. Everytime I'd say to my ob how I wanted to have the twins now because I was so uncomfortable he would remind me how hard and uncomfortable when my firstborn was in the nicu. Unlucky for me one of the twins ended up in the nicu.

ETA: I went on bedrest at 13 weeks due to a torn placenta. Came off at 18 weeks only to go back on at 19 weeks with ptl. I was on bedrest until 35 weeks 3 days although I was allowed to go to the pool.
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Okay, to give it to you straight -- YES, the end of a twin pregnancy sucks. My skin felt like it was burning from stretching so much. The pain of rolling over in bed was indescribable. Walking was nearly impossible. I'd waddle to and from the bathroom and that was it.

However, you must do a REALITY check. "Does this suck? YES. Is this better than having preemies in the NICU? YES. Can I hang on for a few more weeks so that my kids will be big and healthy? YES." Just take it one day at a time.

I had my boys at 34w2d and they were in the NICU for 10 days.
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You can do it!

My experience of how I made it through: my babes were born mid-August almost a year ago at 37.5 weeks. I stopped working at 30 weeks (only did a little computer at home and went in for a couple of hours each week to sort through things). I wore compression knee highs (lovely!) that my husband had to put on me each morning....I even took mid-day showers with the knee highs on since I couldn't get them on again myself! I tried to swim every day for 20 minutes. I tried to drink a TON of water and I tried to take a nap every day. I ate very healthily.

Although my stomach itched and my entire lower half was swollen after the first moments of being awake I think I really had an easy time of it compared to others stories I've heard. I slept well each night even though it was a MAJOR undertaking just to turn over....holding onto my belly to turn it and tip it onto a pile of pillows! Of course I couldn't pick anything up off of the floor since I was so huge (I gained 68 lbs and my babes were each an ounce shy of 7 lbs) and I was winded just from walking up and down one flight of stairs.....YES I was definitely uncomfortable. But I was actually doing really well and when we had to move to another apartment the few days before the babes were born I was packing and carrying some boxes and even awake until 2am the day before before the babes came.

Huge caveat: both of my babes were breech for the last few weeks and I think that probably played a big role in my comfort since neither babe was bearing down on my cervix. It probably also helped me go until my ob wanted them out of there...after they flipped breech I never even had any braxton hicks unless I was really irresponsible about my fluid intake.

All the very best to you. Water and rest are your best friends, nutrition too.
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Oh mama you can do it!!!

As I sit here I am 39.5 weeks pregnant with 16+LBs of (estimated) babies inside of me. I am doing good! I think the hardest thing for me was being told from the beginning I'd be lucky to make it to 36 weeks, so part of me just says, "hmm here I am still pg, how did that happen?"

But that being said I am a SAHM to a 2.5 y.o. We went to the waterpark a week and a half ago. I chase her around most of the day. I do always nap while she naps of course! I wake up every two hours in the night like clockwork to pee and to roll over off one hip to the other. It is quite a sight to see me roll over, and not a pretty one. I sleep with about 7 pillows which have to be properly placed for me to be comfy. Oh and at about midnight I am up with the "munchies". But really I can't complain!

I can walk, get around, sit on the floor and my babies are still growing safe and sound inside of me. I would like to disconnect the phone the so people would stop calling and ask if anything is happening :

Oh and I do remember at around your stage getting bad pelvic pain but it came and went after a week or so, it didn't persist this whole time!

Hang in there, you can do it!!!
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You are my hero!

Thanks for the honest replies ladies. I look forward to reading more. There is just no sense in feeling scared or sorry for myself. I like to know what is coming so I can at least make plans to work around it if I need to.
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OK yes it sucked, I was prego in Dec living in Ut with tons of snow had my AC on to keep cool I went 37w 6days . Was put on bed rest at 34 weeks but that is because I was working way too many hours close to 60+ a week. I could barley walk, I would sleep in our old water bed just because it was the only place I could get any sleep. Just take it one day at a time. And getting up every 2 hrs a night to pee just helped get me ready to breast feed, so thats how I looked at it. Drink lots of water I would keep a gallon jug in my fridge and carry one with me all day it helped tons to keep hydrated. I was also going to my doc every 2 days due to PTL problems but she was a bit of a worry wart. Yes I had to have a c-section I would have loved not to but hospital policy keept her from delivry of a breech baby .But I would do it again with out a moments hesitation and looking back now I dont remember it being all that bad I just remember the complete and total happiness that took over my entire body the first time I saw one of the boys. I want to add I was under 100 lb before I was expecting I was at 198 when I deliverd so yes I had tons of extra weight I was not used to but you can do this !!!
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Congrats! I made it to 35 and 4/7 before my first was born. This early labor was largely due to my major dehydration. When I went in for monitoring, they put me on an IV and I used up 2 bags and had to chug a pitcher of water before I was no longer dehydrated. As a result my girls spent more than two weeks in the NICU, so I would say def. keep drinking that water! I didn't feel too badly at the end, but I only gained 40 lbs. (Almost 10 lbs of it was baby) I didn't sleep near the end because I couldn't get comfy, but after seeing the first baby pop out it was all worth it.
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((((HUGS MAMA)))) My babies will be a year old on Saturday. They were born at 36 weeks. I clearly remember being 30 weeks pg and feeling like it would never end. Feeling like I was going to pop before I ever saw these babies. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b5...ures1401-1.jpg (my 35 wk pic) I was on and off bedrest for most of the 2nd trimester, then at 27 weeks had some PTL and was put on full bedrest for the rest of it. I only got up to pee, shower, and move from my bed to the recliner in the living room. I lived in that thing. I couldn't sit at the dining room table because it hit me right in the belly button and I couldn't reach my food. I also have a clotting disorder which required me to give myself painful injections of heparin 3 times a day. I ached all the time. My joints were sore, my belly was sore, my hips and my back. If I stood too long in the shower my legs and feet would swell up. I "slept" on a mountain of pillows, and every single time I was barely comfy enough to drift off, I'd have to get up pee.

I marked weeks. I tried to stay focused on each day as it passed, thinking of how many days I'd have until the end of the week, and quietly celebrate as each day turned into a week. Before I knew it, 4 weeks would be up and it would be a month! So just take it one day at a time. My ds was just a tad bit early amd spent 7 days in the NICU. I would happily live that last week or two out to have avoided those 7 days.
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You can do it!

Does the end suck? Yes. I made it to 39 weeks after PTL starting at 31 weeks. The end was pretty ugly as I was borderline pre-e until the last day when I finally slipped in all the way. Water, rest and faith in both yourself and those babes inside you will get you through.

Mark weeks, days, hours, whatever it takes to make it. Besides, it's good training for the harder days when the babes are there
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Thanks for posting this Jody! I love to hear the stories and how it seems so important to keep these babies in to avoid the NICU. We can do it!! Thank you mamas for all of our encouragement and honesty. It really helps me to mentally prepare for these next 8 or so weeks. And it sounds like drinking water is key! So, I am off to refill my glass!

Thanks again!
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Yep, the last 3-4 weeks really stink on ice. Really I only had two complaints. First was the itchy burning stretched out skin. Never really found a remedy other than an ice-cold hand towel. The second, I had restless legs syndrome, but I prefer to call it 'creepy crawly legs' That drove me crazy! DH must have spent the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy shoving his elbows into my calves his hands were so tired out from all that massaging.

Amazingly I never really had a breathing problem as I carried low from the beginning and I also think that going to a chiropractor helped keep the kinks out.

The funniest memory I had was when I needed to rollover. I was so big I looked like Jabba The Hutt. DH had to sleep on the floor (due from my writhing from the creepy crawlies). Every time I called him during the night, he would wake up in a panic thinking, 'it was time' when all I needed was a push because I got stuck flat on my back and couldn't turn over all the way.

I made it to 38w 1d.
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you can and will make it, but yes-- you are going to be pretty miserable the last few weeks. i actually felt pretty dang good until 35-36 weeks. that's when i started to have a tough time. my belly skin hurt so much until about 37.5 weeks when patches of it started to go numb and my belly hung so low that it would touch the floor when i sat down with my legs stretched out. my feet also got really swollen during the day, so part of my bedtime routine became an epsom salt soak for my feet followed by an arnica oil massage right before laying down for the night. i also had the pubic bone pain, but my chiro really helped with that. i saw a chiro & acupuncturist once a week my entire pregnancy. water and protein (which you already know) are key in keeping PTL and pre-E at bay. i took a nap everyday with my toddler and i also tried to spend an hour or so in the pool everyday once it opened. you are also mentally/emotionally exhausted by then too-- i used visualizations, relaxation CDs and positive affirmations to keep me motivated. i also talked with other twin moms who had gone full term too. my babies combined birth weight at 39 weeks 5 days was 15lbs 10oz and even though i did end up transfring from homebirth to the hospital for a c-section, my babes roomed-in and never had to spend any time in the regular nursery, much less the NICU. i consider that worth every second of stress, strain and discomfort of the last month of pregnancy.

best wishes,
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Thanks for the post. Very interesting reading all of the replies! I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with twin girls. So far I am feeling good! Mostly concerned about making it to term, childcare for my son... So nice to read all of your positive stories and your long pregnancies!!! Paige
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I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with twins, and have been in and out of the hospital for PTL since 25 weeks. This pregnancy is much more uncomfortable than my first -- I loved being pregnant with Griffin. I want my boys to stay and bake as long as they need to -- but I sure hope they don't bake any longer than they need to (and that they don't need much longer).

At least I know that as difficult as this pregnancy has been, they'll probably be more work out than than in!

* Jaime
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When things turn . . . they did seem to TURN QUICKLY!

hang in there Momma . . . your experience will be unique to you. And whatever you do . . . don't TOUGH THROUGH problems for the sake of a delivery date goal you have in your mind.

FWIW . . . I was totally fine (really - totally - no preterm labor, no contractions, nothing) through my entire triplet pregnancy until 33 weeks. At that point an itch developed - all over body itch, got worse and worse . . . nothing was showing up on my labs though . . . so I could have said "OK, I'll suck it up". After 1 week of the itch I spent the day standing in the middle of a room in a tunic and cotton pants with my arms and legs extended -- ANYTHING touching me made me itch uncontrollably. After the 2nd weekend of this I finally relented and we scheduled delivery for the next day. In the end - turns out I was developing HELLP Syndrome - a life threatening complication for mom and baby. By delivering when my body was telling me its time to go . . . I avoided any health probs with my babies due to HELLP (I ended up in the ER 1 week later - but I always think how bad it could have been for the babes had I not agreed to deliver at 34 weeks).

Listen to yourself and your body . . . . You will know when its right.
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Thanks for starting this thread Jody & to the rest of the mamas here for your words of encouragement.

I am currently in my 33rd week and am trying really hard to keep a positive attitude. For the most part I am doing really well, but the last week or so, my feet have gotten rediculously swollen. They get so bad that they swell up and get completely numb all the way up to my knees... when swollen, my legs look like they belong to an 800lb person I have also developed a pretty bad case of carpel tunnel and arthritis in my right hand. Pretty much as soon as I sit or lay down my hand also starts going numb. Other than that I just have some of the typical discomforts... crazy fatigue, hard time getting around, one of the munchkins poking me in my ribs with her head. I've been pretty lucky to not have any major backpain or pubic bone pain.(I've been going to a chiro, maybe thats what has prevented it)

I just keep reminding myself how much I want to keep my babies out of NICU. Anytime I think long-term, I start getting overwhelmed... taking it one day at a time and marking days off on my calendar definitely helps keep me sane (at least so far)

We can do it ladies... just a few more weeks. Just remember that two healthy babies are sooo worth all the discomforts we put up with!!!
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Wow! Our guys are 10months now, but this post brings back my memories of last summer. The pregnancy was hell. I had all kinds of problems with my skin, eczema, general itching and then intense itching on my hands and feet caused by escalating liver enzymes. No sleep. Horrible uncomfortable. UGH. Boys were born at 38 weeks naturally with our midwife though. I had started to go pre-eclamptic, so it was a good thing I was at 5cm! It took almost 6-8 weeks for my skin problems to resolve, so those first few weeks with the babies were tough too. I'd be nursing and itching. I've tried to "forget" the bad stuff with the pregnancy and just be grateful for two seemingly healthy babies!

Take it day-by-day. It IS very much like training for the new little ones. Actually, I found the babies much easier to deal with than the pregnancy! People would come up to me and say things like "Twins -- How DO you do it? I bet you don't sleep." You know, the kind of dumb silly things that they just sort of can't help themselves to say, and I would laugh to myself because it really wasn't bad at all especially compared to the last 6-8 weeks of it. GOOD LUCK!
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Thanks for all the responses! It has been so nice to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing some discomfort with my pregnancy.

I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant with triplets. I've noticed a big difference between this week and last week. I'm really slowing down these days. I feel fortunate to have gotten this far without any major problems. I think what really helped me was that I didn't find out I was pregnant with triplets until 20 weeks into my pregnancy. A few weeks before that I had stopped running due to my size, however I managed to continue working out (group weight lifting class and yoga) 4-5 times a week up until last week. I think this was key because it kept me active, fit and strong. So far I've be able to avoid a lot of the major aches and pains. However, this past week the INTENSE itching on my belly has set in and it is driving me CRAZY (I''m currently fighting the urge to scratch right now!). I also cannot spend a long time on my feet which is hard because I have a 3 year old and 16 month old running around. I would recommend seeing a massage therapist. I go weekly (she has a special table that has a belly sling) and it has been a life saver. Also, try to stay positive and take one day at a time. Whenever I think about how nice it would be to roll over in bed without lifting my belly or being able to sit down without my belly resting on my lap, I think about the challenges of the NICU. This helps me put things into prospective. Also, I know that this is really the easy part. Once these babies come out, that is when the real work begins!

Good luck and hang in there! You can do it!
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I had discomforts and pain here and there, certainly nothing unbearable.

Til I hit 37 weeks exactly. Twin A engaged in my pelvis and all h@ll broke loose. My pubic bone felt like somone had a crow bar in there trying to rip me in half every time I stood up. It was awful.

I went another 10 days, to 38w3d.

Thing is, I brought home two healthy babies 24 hours after birth.

I'd do those last 10 days over again a million times to experience the joy of walking out of there with BOTH of my babies the very next day.

Sure, it was miserable in the end, but worth every moment of it. I can only imagine how much WORSE having one or both of them in the NICU would have been.

I personally couldn't see asking them to deliver me before 37 weeks minimum unless there was a darn good medical reason to do so, and being miserable didn't qualify in my mind. Having them earlier when it's not your choice is one thing, but asking for delivery at 35-36 weeks because you're miserable and ready to be 'done' is asking for trouble.
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