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Originally Posted by elisabethmelner
However, this past week the INTENSE itching on my belly has set in and it is driving me CRAZY (I''m currently fighting the urge to scratch right now!).
Ah, I remember the belly itching now that you mention it.

If you are not opposed to using something, I found that Benadryl lotion would soothe things for at least a couple of hours. You could also try Caladryl, but I found the Benadryl to work better, and my peris were fine with me using it.
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I don't remember being extremely uncomfortable. I did only go 34 weeks though. Sleeping caused pain when I woke up. The muscles around my pubic bone would be sore. The peeing definitely got annoying. I was on "bedrest" for a month and 1/2, though I had a toddler to take care of so it really wasn't bedrest. It was fall towards the end of my pregnancy and I couldn't do all those things that I love. It was dd first real fall (where she really knew and could participate) and I couldn't go pumpkin picking with them or trick or treating.
I also had home monitoring I did and a terbutaline pump in my leg to stop contractions. This was super annoying b/c it was a needle in my leg with a tube and a small (the size of an IPOD) pump attached to my clothes. I peed it was there, I showered it was there, I slept it was there. Plus I had to change the medicine, the needle, everything by myself. I am a med. assistant but when you do it to yourself it is harder.

Other than that it wasn't unbearable. Though as time passes you tend to forget the pain, so maybe I'm not remembering correctly.

Everyday the babes are in there is a triumph. I wish mine could've cooked a little longer. It is a few weeks of your life, a sacrifice, like raising twins can be.

hang in there

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Hang in there...

Yes, hang in there. My babes were born suddenly at 27 weeks. They're doing well now, but they were in the NICU for three months. And it was hell.
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I have to agree. DS was in the NICU for 7 days. My Dr. even finagled a way for me to get to stay an extra 2 days. I hated being in the hosp. for that long, and there was drama blowing up all over me between the people we had watching our older dds, but ds wasn't ready to come home yet. When we finally left, we had to go home with only one baby and it was by far one of the most bittersweet and hardest moments of my life. I felt like my heart was torn in half. Of course I was also post-partum emotional which just amplified everything. So remember those last few days count more than you want them to.
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I kept reminding myself- they are quieter and easier to handle IN rather than OUT! I went 38w5d with my boys and the last 10 weeks were really really hard.

I ran until 25 weeks, worked PT until 28 weeks, and rested as much as I could until birth. I had a 2 yo dd to chase after too, no easy feat.

I gained 45 lbs and its all gone. BF was a huge help, obviously.

I stopped sleeping through the night at 28 weeks and I borrowed a recliner to sleep in- that was a big help. I would sleep part night in bed, life and roll the huge belly, go to the recliner, then sleep on the couch, etc....

I delivered (via c/sec) a 6 lb 1 oz boy and a 7 lb 13 oz boy. I can't stress enough to keep dirnking water (I had 4th degree swelling, no fun) and eat eat eat as much as you can!

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hats off to all the well placed sentiments about getting those babies as close to term as possible . . .

But please do not do so at the risk of ignoring what could be real life threatening complications.

Anyone that is "itching" -- or has severe "swelling" -- please have your liver enzymes and BP monitored. Those are 2 so-called normal pregnancy side effects that can in some instances big indicators of major problems.

After that -- enjoy the end of your pregnancies and your new babies! I envy you those new little bundles of joy that grow up all too fast!


PS - You don't have to get to 38 weeks to avoid the NICU - mine were born at 34 weeks - all over 5 lbs - NO NICU!
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Originally Posted by TripMom

But please do not do so at the risk of ignoring what could be real life threatening complications.

Anyone that is "itching" -- or has severe "swelling" -- please have your liver enzymes and BP monitored. Those are 2 so-called normal pregnancy side effects that can in some instances big indicators of major problems.
THIS *cannot* be over-emphasized IMO.

While a low risk singleton pg is typically just fine without close scrutiny from professionals, a multiple pg can go VERY wrong VERY quickly...and it is unfortunately not that uncommon for such complications to appear with multiples.

I was under the care of a team of perinatologists for my entire pg, and at the MENTION of itching like mad, off I went to the lab for extensive blood work just to be sure everything was still in working order. When my feet started swelling at the end, I dutifily collected 24 hours worth of urine to make sure the protein showing up on the dipsticks was not truly something to worry about.

There are so many things they can test for with a blood sample and some urine, both fairly non-invasive and most definitely minimal risk (if at all) to mom and babies, so it's always wise IMO to err on the side of caution when carrying more than one baby because the risks DO increase dramatically for certain pg related problems.
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With my first set of twins - I made it to 39 weeks. I wasn't overly uncomfortable - no pain - worked up to the day I was admitted - swelling was the major culprit the last couple weeks and within a 2-3 day period my BP went sky high and they admitted me to the hospital and induced me. My boys weighed 6#15oz each. They are now 13 years old and weigh 120# and 165#!!!

With my second set - I made it to 34w5d and my son's water broke. I had HORRIBLE pelvic pain with this pregnancy - my son's head was on my cervix the entire time. I could hardly walk and was in pain all the time.
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Hmm about two days ago my belly started itching, should this be of concern? It is only on my belly and isn't drive me crazy itching. I just assumed it was my skin getting to the end of stretching. No?
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Originally Posted by SlingWearin'Mama
Hmm about two days ago my belly started itching, should this be of concern? It is only on my belly and isn't drive me crazy itching. I just assumed it was my skin getting to the end of stretching. No?
It could be just that. But what you don't want it to be is elevated liver enzymes indicating your liver is stopping to function well -- the type of thing you are at increased risk for when carrying multiples.

I just urge everyone on the itching and the swelling issues . . . PLEASE CHECK IT OUT . . the tests for that type of thing are not invasive . . . . .Better to be safe . .
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I made it to 37 weeks & 4 days (they were 6lb14oz & 7lb13oz but I wish I could have held on a bit longer) and yeah, it pretty much sucked, but I didn't have all those extreme symptoms you mentioned. What I dealt with was real nasty SPD that affected me primarily at night (when I'd try to roll from one side to the other or get up and out of bed to use the bathroom for the umpteenth time), hip pain from lying on my side at night (just too much weight was put on my hips, but a memory foam mattress did help a bit), contractions when I'd walk just about any distance (like from my car into the mall). My skin didn't hurt but it definitely felt stretched, I didn't have any BP issues, no swelling to speak of, my back was actually okay (just the SPD was bothering me). Really, my major complaint was my sheer size and how that affected me going out in public. No clothes covered my belly (this was in the winter time) and I just got tired of people gawking all the time and hearing the comments they'd make when I'd walk by. I actually felt a bit embarrassed which is funny b/c I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and loved my big pg belly. Guess I just didn't like what felt like negative attention. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing - stay positive and do what I couldn't - keep them in longer! Good luck mama! It's going to be fun!
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Big hugs))) hang in there you can make it. I had pre-term labor at 31 weeks and kept in the hospital for a week..That week was the most uncomfortable ever..I actually cried to the Dr. I wanted to go home! I remember being uncomfortable and my inner thighs achy as hell. I made it until 38 weeks, I had to get induced for high blood pressure, Dr. broke my water and already 5 cm. they were born in an hour (4 mins apart), it was the easiest birth I ever had! But they did end up in the NICU for 10 days, (they vomitted and had apnea) long story short we signed them out against Dr.s orders and they thrived at home. (they had acid reflux) ...The NICU sucked.
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I didn't start feeling bad until 32-33 weeks. That's when it became a one day at a time thing for me. I'd wake up every morning, thrilled that I was still pg. But it wasn't long before something just wore me down. I alternated between being happy that they were still baking and just terrified at the thought of another 4-6 weeks of being pg.

It was hard, but I was never begging for a c-section or induction. In fact, when I had my girls at 34 weeks I did everything I could think of to convince the doctor that I wasn't that sick and that we could wait a bit longer.
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just think of it this way...........you could eleviate the pregnancy pain and have a c-section or induction that could lead to a c-section, but then you would have a premature newborn who is possibly sick and you would have horrible pain from the surgery. (not to mentioned a weakend uterus and a body that will never be the same)

YOU can do it!!! Grass isnt always greener on the other side.
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Anyone that is "itching" -- or has severe "swelling" -- please have your liver enzymes and BP monitored. Those are 2 so-called normal pregnancy side effects that can in some instances big indicators of major problems.
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I went to 40w 3d and it was pretty miserable but well worth it to have big, healthy babies. I had my bp checked at least 2x a week since it was starting to go up some and the last few days of my pregnancy I started to feel that they would be healthier outside because I was starting to get sick again and was just so drained (I think my hemoglobin was pretty low at this point) so I took castor oil and had them super fast. Hanging in there as long as you can is best as long as there are no problems, I am sure you are probably being monitored for those kinds of things though. Be very careful about inducing early because you are uncomfortable, if they are not ready to come out you may end up stuck in nicu for a while. Someone in my area just had twins at 36 weeks and they had to stay in nicu for a while and there was someone due around me that had her twins at 35 weeks and they were in nicu for a couple weeks. If there is a true medical issue it is one thing, but just inducing/getting a c-section because you are uncomfortable is not necisarily in the best interest of the baby. Again, I was horible uncomfortable, it was excrutiating to roll over in bed, I had to get up and pee a bunch and that was so painful to get up and I had a 2 year old climbing all over me all day. It was very hard, but every day I just kept thinking that is one more day for my babies to get bigger & healthier and 1 day closer to being full term babies. Good Luck & take good care of yourself these last weeks
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I feel for you! I carried my twins to 40 weeks, 1 day and YES, I was miserable. My biggest complaint was my severe pubic symphysis pain. It was excrutiating and more painful than my natural childbirth. I could not do much to aleviate pain but I faithfully did my pelvic rocks and also bounced on my birthing ball alot. Also sitting and rocking on my ottoman glider helped. Just keep drinking at least a gallon of water, do your pelvic rocks, try to walk some and rest as much as possible. I cried everytime I had to get up to pee at night or roll over but I just kept reminding myself how important it was for the babies to stay in as long as possible. hang in there!
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