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Daycare questions

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I put this in the working mamma forum, but thought I would like the extra traffic of the 'main' board. Thanks!

I'm getting certified to do home daycare and I'm meeting with a potential client tomorrow. She has a newborn (6 weeks) and a 4 year old. She works 4 hr shifts 2-4 days a week- w/her commute, I'm thinking I will have the kids about 5-6 hrs a day. I was thinking of charging her $45 a day (25 for the newborn and 20 for the 4 year old). Does this seem excessive? If so, what do you think would be fair. I don't want to charge too much, but I still want to make some money.

My dh is apprehensive about me taking a newborn, thinks it will be too much. DD is almost 3 and he thinks taking toddlers only will be better. I think a newborn will be fine, so I'm meeting with her and think I'll approach this with a 2 week trial for both of our benefits. I'm sure it won't be a problem, but I want to give her an out, as well as me, if necessary.
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Where I live, that's a whopper of a bill for daycare. The most expensive I've heard of here is $2.50/hr per child...that's at a daycare facility...not in a home. Daycare rates vary depending where you live and I do know some people do charge full-time rates for part-timers because that's a full-time spot they wouldn't be able to fill.

With what you're considering charging, I'd pay over half my wages in child care. Now, I'm not saying child care isn't important to me and shouldn't have a price tag, but I'd be better off at home, kwim?

Does she mind the newborn being worn by you in a sling or other carrier? Do either of you have a problem with using a bouncer or swing for limited periods? I certainly think you can handle two toddlers and a newbie, but I don't think I could personally do it if mom didn't want me to use a sling and swing combo to meet the needs of all the little ones in my care.

Good luck! I hope this works out for you.

Need to add: I believe we pay $1.85 for the first kid and around .50 more for the second. We have a great dc provider. She doesn't even charge when we're not there due to illness or a day of vacation because it's nice out. She's a GEM. She is also licensed and in her home. The kids love her, too. Yay!
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I agree, thats expensive, especially for a few hours. I make a good living, but no way could i afford that.

i pay $20 perday, $15 for half, with a discount for the second child. And i have used private lic. daycare.
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Well, where I live, you'd be charging at the low end of the scale. do you have any friends in your area who pay for care or who charge for care? What do they charge? The going rate here in my corner of MA is $7-10/hr for private at-home care. That's very different than daycare at a center (starts at $350 per month here for 3 mornings a week).
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I don't have anyone close who does home daycare. (My neighbor does, but she only had FT kids, I think- I'll have to check.) I know for FT, I was going to do $125 for over 1 and $150 for under 1, which works out to about $3/hr. If I do a flat $3/hr, that would $15 per kid, $30/day total. For 3 days a week, that would be $90.

For PT, it just seems to be harder to figure out a rate. I won't be making as much, but I'll be working 15-20 hrs a week instead of 50 or so.

Thanks and I welcome any other input.
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I talked to my neighbor- she said for part time, she'd charge 20 for the baby and 15 for the 4 year old. That's pretty close to my 2nd estimate. I think I'll talk to the woman tomorrow when she's here- I'm sure we'll be able to agree on something.
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Where I live, for a newborn in a daycare center it costs anywhere from around $5 to $8-9 per hour. Pretty pricey here. So I guess it all depends on where you are as to what is "reasonable."
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Just a few thoughts here for you and adding to what Chellemarie posted as well....

...My IRL friend babysat a newborn and has a 2 y/o herself. She did not have a 3rd tot to add to the equation like you will, but I just wanted to share her experience with you....
Her little one was bf and had a very hard time having to wait for her numies while Mamma was feeding the newborn baby as well as naptimes were very stressful as she could not take the time to be with her dd, so her dd could get the nap she needed and hence her dd was very tired and harder to manage.
It also turns out that these parents were not wanting her to hold their newborn very much through the day and had a strict schedule for her to follow regaurding what she did with the baby and when(yes. she came to discover they were Ezzo-fied and she was outta there shortly after-and she did try to educate them before she left too...).

DO not mean to discourage just want you to be sure you cover everything with this possible client before you jump right in....
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Here in a daycare centre an infant is $55/day and a preschooler is $35/day. In a private home it's $30/day for an infant and $18/day for a preschooler.
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Apmamma and chellemarie-

Thanks for those thoughts. We're meeting tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. I have my 3 year old, 1 yr old, and will have her 4 yr old and 6 wk old (so would be 4 kids total). I'm hoping my dd and the 4 yr old will be good to play together, at least a little bit. We have a large yard with a swingset, as well as the neighborhood park. I told her that I use the sling, so I would be able to carry the baby and still tend to the others.

She is bf, but also supplementing (maybe I could help her a little bit with that). This is her 3rd baby, but 1st time bf, I believe.

My ds doesn't nurse much during the day anymore (way too busy), but that is something to consider. He is very laid back and social baby, so I think he could deal w/the adjustment. It's my 3 yr old I'm more concerned with. She's a bit more high needs, but she loves being around other kids once she gets used to them.

It will be only a few hrs a day, a few days a week, not full time. She wants to find someone she's very comfortable with and so do I. If I find it's not working for any reason, I'll let her know and I will keep watching for her until she finds a replacement. I wouldn't leave her high and dry.

As far as the rates, I guess it would be better to go by local average, which is about $3/hr- a little higher for babies.
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I think you have to consider what the going rate is for your area. I really think prices vary by location (e.g. city, rural, etc). Of course, my opinion may have little value since I don't have kids yet. But I do love this board
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Hi there,

Just wanted to pipe in that the going rate in my area is $25/day per child. For less than a full day(i.e. part-time), the going rate is $5/hour. So, your rate seems reasonable to me.

Having said that, I think child care should be subsidized. As a nanny, I made less than minimum wage. So, that means working for only one family meant I was broke all the time. Now, as a single mama planning on going to work in the fall, I can't even imagine paying the going rate (and I made more than that when I was a nanny)!


I am thinking of doing in-home daycare in the fall myself because I can't think of any other way to make money that makes sense financially and, more importantly, in regard to the quality of care my children are getting.

Double sigh.

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I agree-totally relative to where you are! My son is 2.5 years old, and he started at his home day care at 5 months old. Our care provider charges the same for infants, toddlers and children. At the time we started with her, she was charging $45 a day, and now she charges $50. This is on the low end of what a home child care provider in my area charges, so even though it feels like a lot for us, I can't really complain.
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If my daycare provider made $25 per day per child, I'd bring home around $20 a day and would have to get a part-time job in the evenings to pay her when my oldest didn't have school in the summer.

Holy crap. *L* I'm glad it's relative to location or we'd be in a world of hurt! Seeing these rates makes me feel like I have to assure you all she really IS great. And she lives in a real house, too. LOL!!
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Honestly- the fact daycare is so expensive is the reason I didn't go back to work after ds. W/dd, mil watched her for free, but when ds was born- mil was done babysitting-novelty wore off. It would run me $300/wk for both, which would be over half of my gross pay. After daycare, taxes, work expenses, etc- I'd only take home about $2-3/hr anyway.

I told my DH my questions- he's like- just do your thing, you'll figure out what's right. Don't go too high, don't go too low. I told him- even if I make $100/wk, that's more than I have now. I still don't know details of when she's working, so that's a big variable in the discussion.
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Originally posted by shelbean91
Honestly- the fact daycare is so expensive is the reason I didn't go back to work after ds.
I went to college for 8 months as a single mom and one of the reasons I didn't go back was the daycare bill... I paid $900/month for 3 preschoolers in full time... and that was HALF the bill, I had subsidy for the other $900/month it actually cost!
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Well- she had to reschedule, so we're going to try again tomorrow!

Thanks again for the input.
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that is cheap

45 dollars a day for infant and pre-school care is cheap! where do these mothers live who are saying it is expensive?
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I charged $3/child / hour for part time and $2/child /hour for full time. So at 5 hours a day that would be $30 a day. I charged $6 per hour if you were late to pick up.

Something you may want to consider withthat many liuttle kids is getting out of the house for regular field trips. I took my kids to the zoo and park whenever things got to crazy at the house. It was good stree relief for everyone.
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