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Were YOU breastfed?

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I'm guessing that most of us were born around or after breastfeeding began to come back into vogue. I'm curious to know how many of us were breastfed ourselves.

I was born in Toronto in 1974. I was breastfed for 9 months. My mother says she nursed me due to 'pressure' from her LLL friends. She weaned me because she was getting recurrent mastitis and didn't think that I should get the antibiotics through her milk : . She did not breastfeed my brother or sister for more than a few days. With her I think it was mostly a personality thing but LLL definitely had its affect on her since she did breastfeed me past the 6 month mark!
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Only for a little bit. I don't remember why she quit with me or my siblings. I do know that she quit nursing my brother because the Dr told her he was getting too fat. He also told her to put him on a feeding schedule because he was nursing every 2 hours :
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I was born in 83, and my mom nursed me to two weeks mostly because my father pressured her into it. She had no hellp, and her mother would leave the room when she nursed. I feel grateful though that i got at least two weeks, and my sister got none; i have to say that she is 20 and has way more health problems than i do.
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Breastfed babies

Both my younger brother (25yo) and I (27yo)were breastfed. We were breastfed a little past our first birthdays. I was nursed a little longer due to illness around 18 months. My mom said they only thing I would take while I was ill was the breast. Had a very forward thinking pediatrician who said "Well then nurse her." My mom's biggest motivator was our pediatrician and economics.
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We were all breastfed. My brother only nursed for 9 months due to pregnancy, my sister for 18 months and me for almost 4 years.

My grandmother also nursed all of her kids for about 6 months each in the late 40's. All of her female grandchildren and all but one of her GCIL nursed their babes so the cycle was definitely broken

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I was breastfed for 8 months, then went to cow milk. My dh was ff from day one.
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Nope. I was ff from day one.
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Mom nursed my older sister briefly, my brother and I were FF from day 1.
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Nope me and my brother were FF from day one.
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I was FF from day one. DH was nursed until four-ish. Both our moms have passed away, but I would love to be able to talk to them more about their decisions. DH is a great supporter of me b/c he has such fond memories of nursing.
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I am the middle child of 5 and was BF for 2 years. My older 2 siblings were FF and mom only BF me because she had recently been brought to a LLL meeting by a friend and learned of all the benefits. My sister was BF for around 18 months I am not too sure about my youngest brother.

My DH was FF as was his sister because his mom was told "her milk never came in". My SIL claimed she couldn't BF because her milk never came in either (just like mom) but she managed to BF for 3 weeks. If you have no milk, how do you BF for 3 weeks?!

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nope I'm the first in my family to breastfeed in 4 generations. My mom and grandmother didn't breastfeed... my grandmother's mom died during childbirth so I'm assuming she wasn't breastfed.
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All my siblings and I were FF from day 1, with added baby cereal to make us sleep longer. After a couple of months of formula, we were all moved to whole cow's milk and baby cereal, with baby food. Table foods by 6 months. And she's proud of this. :
I've had GERD since 1999, and had problems with an ulcer in 1994, amongst numerous other serious health problems. I can't imagine why!
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Yep. Back in 1965. In Nebraska. Where there was a LLL outpost.
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I was nursed for three years! I feel very lucky. My younger sisters were both nursed for around a year.
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I was BF for 2 weeks, then Mom had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. The idiot doctors/nurses/whoever at the hospital gave her a shot to dry up her milk while she was unconscious without telling her. She was beyond p!ssed. My younger was BF for over 11 months, but then I *think* he started biting her hard enough to draw blood. She didn't want to stop BF either of us, but with me she obviously had no choice in the matter and with my brother she basically had no support.

DH was never BF. His mom says she wanted to, but her husband wouldn't let her. Add that to the list of reasons why I hate my FIL. On a happier note, his second wife beat the living crap out of him a few months ago for hitting her. She knocked his teeth out, blackened his eyes, and left.
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I was FF fed from day 1 basically i think they actually told my mom to not even try. I was born 3months premature in 1982.

I think dh was FF MIL ust seems like the type of person that wouldn't even try:

ETA~ My mom was born in 66 if im correct my grandma says she bf'd my mom and my one uncle for a few wks maybe a few months.

I think me bf'ing my daughter for 18months helped my mom choose to try and bf my little brother born in 05 she nursed/pumped for 3months, i now also have a little sister*born july06* and she's going to try harder to breastfeed longer this time.

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I'm so glad I started this thread. The range of answers is amazing!

My dh was breastfed until he was around three (born in NY in 1975 & a preemie). He was my mil's sixth child and I think she gradually nursed each child more and more because she only nursed her oldest (who is now 42) for 6weeks. Dh's younger 2 siblings were also nursed for 3 years.

My mother was not breastfed. She was born in 1948 in PA and the FP that delivered her told my grandmother that she didn't have to breastfeed. She only made mothers that didn't want their babies breastfeed so that they'd bond. Do you see the irony : ?
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Sadly I say no I was not BF. Nor was my mother or any of her brothers and sisters I am almost 27 and my mom is 47, and the middle child of 6. My mom sees me with my children and wishes she had: She said that she wishes she could BF my children. So sad for her. But I told her that at least she could enjoy living vicariously thru me, and she loves to sit with me while I feed my babies, and talk to them, pet them etc. while they are eating, so I guess that's something anyway. It doesn't bother me, and to tell you the truth it's nice to have her be so supportive since I am the first BF mother that she has ever met...
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Wow, all you gals are so lucky to have been BF!

I'm kind of an old mom (35,) and I wasn't BF. Actually, my mom really wanted to. Her spinal was botched, and she was in excruciating pain where she couldn't even lift her head. She tried latching me on, but was struggling. Her doctor watched for a minute, said, "This is ridiculous. Formula is just as good," then gave her a shot to dry up her milk. My poor mom cried when she attended a seminar on the benefits of bf'ing with me. I really am a poster child on the detriments of FF: constant ear infections when I was a kid, a lifelong weight problem, and allergies.
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